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About Advocace

Advocace Now

Advocace serves a broad array of Christian nonprofits: Bible colleges and seminaries, Christian radio stations, K-12 schools, mission groups, etc. We partner with these ministries to guide them on building the systems and adopting the skills to drive a sustained development program which provides their organizations with a reliable stream of income.

Advocace Then

Advocace was founded in 2003 with a very specific mission: to provide Christian radio stations with the sponsorship and underwriting dollars they needed to fund their operations. Advocace partnered with Christian stations around the country and helped them secure the funding critical to their financial success.

Over time, as these relationships grew and strengthened, our best clients shared with us more about their overall financial picture. Building on the trust and respect for the expertise of Advocace, our clients began to look to us for more than just advertising revenue.  Advocace began to advise our clients on all aspects of development. Our clients benefited from Advocace’s counsel on a whole host of issues: development, donor communications, fundraising, management systems, marketing and branding, and leadership.

Advocace and Your Ministry

Today Advocace’s mission is to partner with Christian ministries to help them realize their vision for serving the Lord.

At Advocace, we serve the Lord by answering a calling. We are called to be ministers to Christian leaders on development, leadership and management issues.

 If you are praying for direction and help in moving your ministry forward, we can help. 

Advocace. Building a community of support around a vision. Yours.

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