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Plan for Success with Advocace’s Listener-Supported Radio Development Outlook


Advocace’s first-of-its-kind, industry research, The Listener-Supported Radio Development Outlook, dives deep into the best practices for Christian-formatted, listener-supported radio stations from coast to coast.

Listener-supported, Christian radio stations spend a great deal of time, effort and resources to raise money. The Outlook shows insight from high-performing radio station managers and the position of current and future fundraising performance.

Just a few benefits from this resource include:

· The Power of a Vision

· How Donor Relationships Affect Your Bottom Line

· That Setting Goals Drives Success

· Pledge Drive Days—How Many?

· The Importance of Board Member Fundraising

· The Importance of a Leader’s Time Spent Fundraising

Receive your free copy of The Listener-Supported Radio Development Outlook (LSRDO) here.

What Works in Fundraising: Charlotte

Many nonprofits have a huge vision for their ministry but not the funds to support it. Advocace would love to help with that. On November 13 Advocace will host What Works in Fundraising: Charlotte. This free, half day seminar will include resourceful sessions for all of the leaders of an organization, including board members. Everyone will take away actionable information to apply to the development and fundraising of their ministry. Charles Chapman from L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry said, "The four hours I spent with you guys was probably the best four hours I [have] spent in organizational development in two years." During this afternoon seminar attendees will have the opportunity to sit in on six different workshops including: · What Works in Donor Communication · What Works in Major Gifts · Developing a Storytelling Culture · What Your Donors Really Want to Know · What Every Board Member Should Know · One Board Member’s Role in Fundraising There will also be time to ask knowledgeable cons ...

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What Works in Fundraising: Pittsburgh

What a beautiful scene scripture paints in Acts 2:42-47. This kind of community is rarely seen now—believers selling possessions and giving up what they have to make sure those around them have enough. This is the way God intended the Christian community to work. On Thursday, September 25 Advocace will hold a free, half day seminar called What Works in Fundraising: Pittsburgh. This event will provide great ideas based on sound, Biblical principles to help expand donor base and increase giving. There are even special breakout sessions perfect for executives, development staff and board members. Advocace would like for nonprofits to reach their vision by involving donors in their community to work alongside them. By attending What Works in Fundraising: Pittsburgh, leaders will learn actionable ways to do that with their organization. Seats are still available, so register here today! Registration and information about What Works in Fundraising: Pittsburgh is also available from Advocace by phone at (97 ...

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6 Takeaways from CMB Momentum 2014


Last week, at CMB Momentum 2014, many engaging speakers provided insight into the future of radio. Advocace attended along with over 600 others to take in this stellar event. From the overwhelming amount of great information presented, six key points seemed to stand out. Whether you attended CMB Momentum 2014 or had to other responsibilities to attend to that week, here is a great offer for you.

Advocace created a great resource that highlights those six key points in a short whitepaper: 6 Takeaways from CMB Momentum 2014. It is available to everyone. To receive this document simply click here.

If you would like to continue the conversation about the 6 Takeaways, Advocace would love to hear from you! Give them a call at (972) 304-1100 or send them an email at Lyndsay.Holly@advocace.com with any questions or comments that you have about 6 Takeaways from CMB Momentum 2014.

CMB Webinar: Growing Your Station’s Income

How are Christian radio’s leading stations really growing income today? Advocace’s Paul Martin and David Hollenbaugh will present Growing Your Radio Station’s Income to Fulfill Your Vision Webinar during CMB’s monthly webinar on Thursday, August 14. During the webinar hear insight for CMB 2014 members from Advocace’s Listener Supported Radio Development Outlook, as well as specific ready-to-implement initiatives.    Paul Martin Advocace Co-Founder / President David Hollenbaugh Advocace Senior Consultant         During the webinar, Paul and David will discuss: ·         The Twin Lights of Listener Supporte ...

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KTSY: From Financial Frustration to Fruition

The Problem “Change or die.” Caught in the middle of the economic financial crisis, KTSY found themselves in a time of frustration and desperation. The station had recently decided to expand their ministry and its reach but now saw those dreams crumbling under the weight of the struggling economy. The Solution About a year later Brian Yeager, Station Manager at KTSY, was introduced to Advocace. Tremendous growth and a deep collaboration made a strong impact, allowing the station to see the change they desired. “Income has increased every year. So far this year, we are up 17% from last year. [Advocace] has helped us through a lot of change, training the board, visioning and mission development,” Yeager said. “Getting someone outside of the radio element was good,” Yeager expressed. He went on to say how the station needed ideas and resources that were outside the box of what radio stations normally do. They found that expertise in the Advocace team. Passionate Leadership Brian excitedly told about his ...

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Save Time with a Compass

  It’s 5:00pm and Stephen knows the sun sets at 5:17pm. He finds himself deep in the woods fearing the bears that roam around after dark. Obviously he needs to hike North, but which way is that again? Beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead as the feeling of confusion and the weight of the unknown overwhelm him. In a moment of sheer desperation, he remembers that his outdoorsy friend shoved a compass into his backpack yesterday as he walked out the door—just in case. Whew. Now that he knows which direction to take, he will make it out of the woods with time to spare. Advocace understands the time it takes to trudge through the forest of potential major donors. They want to be that friend that gives the compass to point ministries in the right direction. DonorCompassSM is a tool that can do just that. With the help of DonorCompassSM, Advocace helps nonprofits find those donors with the ability to support their ministry in a larger capacity. Take a look at this infographic and feel free to contact ...

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Stopped at a red light with Major Donors?

A man in a blue Honda Civic stops at a red light. His gaze focuses forward as he tries to avert his eyes from the woman standing on the corner just a few feet away. While driving up to the light, he sees that the woman holds a sign. It says, “Please, help me feed my children.” Now, through his tinted sunglasses he glances out of the side of his eye and sees this desperate, exhausted, hopeless woman staring back at him. What will he do? He has two options—continue to ignore the woman or take action. Maybe his action step is to hand her a card with the information of a rescue mission. Now is the time to create advocates, not just donors. “Gospel-centered rescue missions are changing lives by changing lives, says Jerry Grimes, Advocace Vice President. When you help a person who is downtrodden or homeless…you are doing it in the name of Jesus Christ. When you turn their lives around and they’re transformed, their life change story can change someone else’s life when you share it. So, people in the community c ...

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Is your board onboard with fundraising?

Many rescue mission leaders find it difficult to get their board to take action in fundraising. Advocace’s Rescue Mission Development Outlook Study discovered ways that rescue missions and other ministries are getting their boards involved in key aspects of the ministry—like fundraising. This free, 30-minute webinar will also discuss how to develop a major donor program and how to effectively fundraise, even without a development director. Raising Board Fundraising Standards Advocace’s Vice President, Jerry Grimes, says, “When you hire a consultant, they can come in from the outside and help create an expectation that a board member’s personal giving and a board fundraising goal for your annual fund is part of their role.” Join Advocace on Thursday, May 15 at Noon (CST) as Jeff Crabtree and Jerry Grimes discuss key findings from this study that can help rescue missions grow! Register here now. Register Now There are limited seats for this webinar—so reserve a spo ...

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Jamie Clark Joins Advocace

With a long background in helping ministries carry their message and service into the marketplace, Jamie Clark joins Advocace as Consultant.  Jamie specializes in operational management for Christian organizations. “Christian ministries are looking to maximize the care for their constituents and demonstrate the love of Christ through their work.  Jamie’s track record with LEAN principles and operational management helps ministries focus more on their vision and less on the distractions of day-to-day operations,” said Paul Martin, Advocace’s President and Co-Founder. Clark, who has a diverse background in non-profit board service, radio station ownership and management, corporate communications, and public-sector employee training, most recently served as a consultant for CPS HR Management, a Joint Powers authority providing a wide spectrum of HR services to Federal, State, and local agencies and Universities. “I am very excited about the opportunity I have through Advocace to bring sound, Biblica ...

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