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Save Time with a Compass

  It’s 5:00pm and Stephen knows the sun sets at 5:17pm. He finds himself deep in the woods fearing the bears that roam around after dark. Obviously he needs to hike North, but which way is that again? Beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead as the feeling of confusion and the weight of the unknown overwhelm him. In a moment of sheer desperation, he remembers that his outdoorsy friend shoved a compass into his backpack yesterday as he walked out the door—just in case. Whew. Now that he knows which direction to take, he will make it out of the woods with time to spare. Advocace understands the time it takes to trudge through the forest of potential major donors. They want to be that friend that gives the compass to point ministries in the right direction. DonorCompassSM is a tool that can do just that. With the help of DonorCompassSM, Advocace helps nonprofits find those donors with the ability to support their ministry in a larger capacity. Take a look at this infographic and feel free to contact ...