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Randy Bronkema, Senior Consultant

Randy believes in non-profit organizations. He has witnessed the impact of non-profit organizations, impact both personal and global.  He has marveled at the Christian outpouring of generosity that flows through a healthy, functioning ministry.  Randy has also seen the other side of ministry finances, and knows the world of non-profits can be riddled with challenges and discouragement.  He has seen non-profit leaders give in to the grind of the daily work, and watched as they forgot the power of the Holy Spirit, failed to inspire one another through a shared dream for their cause, and slowly lost their passion. Randy is a consultant who believes in his calling to Christian non-profit consulting.  He knows how to help non-profits redefine their futures by remembering their pasts.

Randy represents Advocace by walking alongside ministries and non-profit organizations to bring them to a place where they dare to dream, and where they are planning and working as a unified team.  He believes deeply in encouraging established organizations to remember their “why” and leading new organizations to define their “why”.  He is passionate about personally discipling ministry leaders in order to teach them to be successful. Randy is an effective mentor to Christian leaders by listening to their needs, inspiring them to believe, and walking with them as they apply new development systems.

“Randy Bronkema is a passionate man.  His passion is to see Christians and ministries fulfill their calling from God, and he has a gift of teaching individuals and organizations how to do exactly that.  Randy has the heart of a teacher, the energy of a coach and the zeal of an evangelist.  It's a powerful combination.”

Bill Sammons
WKNZ-88.7 The Bridge
Milton, Delaware

Randy believes that all successful leaders duplicate themselves.  He works tirelessly to empower leaders to not only for their own benefit, but in order to communicate the heart of the mission to staff and donors alike.  Randy applies his rich experience in both the non-profit and the corporate world to define and recommend necessary solutions and implement the systems essential to establish and encourage continuous growth. 

As the mission statement is the heart of every successful ministry, so fundraising is the blood, the life source of the organization.  Fundraising can seem intimidating. Randy has recorded numerous successes leading organizations through their fear of development, from the brink of extinction to become financially healthy and thriving non-profits. With development success, non-profits make the impact they want in the world by drawing donors to their mission, and connecting people to one another around their common cause. For Randy, the joy of connecting people to a shared cause, centered on the call of Christ, is the greatest treasure that lay within the work he does.

Randy’s professional experience includes positions as: Director of Alumni Relations, Executive Director of Annual Fund and Alumni, Associate Vice President of Advancement, and Vice President of Advancement at Cornerstone University; Catalog Buyer for Amway Corporation; Merchandise Manager for JC Penney. Randy is in leadership at his church and serves as a board member of Alpha Ministries.  He also is the founder of the “Timothy Project,” a mentoring program designed to lead men to their leadership potential through the discovery of their purpose, through which he has personally impacted the lives of over 30 men and their families. Randy is also an accomplished speaker and the author of the bi-weekly blog called Inspired Development.  He currently works with a wide array of nonprofits, including churches, Bible colleges, and Christian radio ministries, inspiring them to remember their “why” and encouraging them to live in the power and purpose they were created for. 

Randy is the man that he is because of the life he has lived.  The most important roles that he plays are those of husband, father, and grandfather.  He is married to Beth, (his better half for sure, ask anyone!) and has two sets of married children: Stefanie and Keith, and Scott and Brianna.  His heart belongs to his first grandson Blake, and Randy understands just how blessed he is.  

Advocace. Building a community of support around a vision. Yours.

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Randy Bronkema

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