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Development Philosophy: Advantage Advocace

Foundational Principles of Development

Development is not just about money. Development is about people working together to accomplish God's purposes by serving one another. Development is about Biblical stewardship, about community, and about ministry. Advocace holds to three foundational principles of development:

"As professionals at Advocace, we are stewards of the talents and skills God has given us. We are called to apply these wisely in service to Jesus Christ through the ministries which serve to build His Kingdom. Stewardship is also about trust. Whenever we work with a ministry, our duty is to be faithful stewards of the trust our clients place in us."

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

  • The Principle of Stewardship. It’s all God’s. Our time, talents, and treasures. Our work. Our ministry. We are all called to be good and faithful stewards of what God has entrusted to us.
  • The Principle of Community. Each individual and each ministry is a part of the One Body of Christ. All of us are called to do God’s work in support of His Kingdom and His people. Every Christian has a role to play in building up the community.
  • The Principle of Development as Ministry. Development is an integral part of your ministry. When the Apostle Paul visited cities, he not only worked at his calling, preaching the Gospel, he also asked for and harvested the financial resources to care for the church and build up the Body of Christ. Ministry cannot succeed without enlisting the support of God's faithful stewards.

Advocace and Development

Advocace believes that development is more than a necessary function of every Christian nonprofit organization. Development is a Biblically-mandated call to enlist the support of men and women in the work of Christ. When executed  properly and prayerfully, development honors God and fulfills all those involved, both those who ask for funding for ministry work and those who give their support.

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