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Framework:The Advocace Approach

Your organization can count on Advocace for a systematic, disciplined approach through our use of a proprietary comprehensive framework.

We have developed a proprietary analytical framework through which we systematically analyze your organization and then methodically begin to formulate a strategic plan. This unique perspective focuses on the five key elements that go into a thriving, self-sustaining nonprofit organization: beliefs, knowledge base, community, systems, and leadership

The Advocace FrameworkBeliefs

Your organization is built on a  foundation of beliefs, biblical principles, and  values that are shared by your community. People are willing to join your community of support not because of what you do, but why you do the work you do. Advocace helps you articulate your organization's beliefs system and communicate them effectively to those who would join your cause because they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Knowledge Base

To thrive as an organization, your leadership and staff must grasp fundamental information about development, management and leadership. They must also possess certain skill sets and adopt a pattern of winning habits that drive our organization to greatness. Advocace woks with your team to identify areas for education and training and works one-on-one to develop skills and habits to take your team to the next level of professional excellence.


The mark of a successful, well-funded nonprofit is its its ability to create and sustain a community of ongoing support around its cause. Advocace helps you communicate your values, you Biblical principles and your vision for your organization to get people excited about your work and inspire them to get involved. 


As your organization deepens its commitment to development, the work that goes into development and the additional work which results from the successful development, services of your ministry will expand. More resources mean more ministry. Systems are the key for allowing your team to do more work in the same amount of time without causing stress and dissatisfaction. Systems allow your team to operate at a higher level, doing more for your ministry and those you serve.


For a nonprofit to flourish, leadership must be passionate, competent, equipped and knowledgeable. Advocace works with leadership at the ministry and at the board level to provide the education, coaching and skills critical for leadership success.

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