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Framework for Success: Your Organization's Beliefs

Advocace and your ministry’s beliefs:
Focused on the vision to define the mission

At Advocace, We approach your ministry through a disciplined examination of five key areas which contribute to the long-term success of your ministry: Beliefs, Knowledge Base, Community, Systems, and Leadership.

The foundational element for the success of your organization is the set of beliefs you espouse. Beliefs, specially beliefs that spring from faith in Christ, determine who we become and drive our actions. The success of your ministry is dependent on God’s Holy Spirit acting within and upon each member of your ministry community. The Biblical mandate to live in God’s Creation as His stewards must be the cornerstone of any ministry if it is to work for God’s purposes

It is the "Why" of your organization that touches people's hearts and draws them to become part of your ministry family. By telling people how you are committed to serving the Lord  through your ministry, you connect with people on a fundamental and spiritual level. Deep and lasting relationships are always forged in the heart.

By understanding what drives your vision for your ministry, we can work to craft a strategic plan to help make that vision a reality faster and more efficiently and with ample of resources you can count on. Your organization's beliefs are revealed every time you effectively communicate your cause, your purpose, your mission, and your vision.


Your cause is the reason why your organization exists. It is about the people in need who depend and are enriched by you.


Your purpose is To meet the needs of a specific group of people who are united by a common need for your outreach, and the ways in which you reach and minister to them.


The goals and means by which you offer and deliver services to people on a daily basis in order to meet their needs


Your organization's vision is the picture of what your ministry hopes and plans to accomplish in a specified time period, usually of longer duration.Your ministry works toward fulfilling its vision every time it reaches and ministers to  people who are in need of your services, and every time it adds to its capacity to do more ministry.

Your Beliefs and Communicating Your Case for Support

In working with your organization, Advovace begins by understanding your unique mission and vision. We then help you connect your beliefs to the work of building a donor community of ongoing support. As we design a case  for the support of your organization, we address a few basic questions about your beliefs:

  • Why does your ministry exist? Which people are you called to serve? What is their need? 
  • Why are people drawn to your cause?
  • How clearly have you defined your mission and vision?
  • Which Biblical principles do you rely on in decision-making?
  • How faithfully do you act as stewards of the time, talents and treasure God has given you?

In the final analysis, beliefs matter because donors don’t support your ministry for what you do; they support you for why you are doing it. It’s not just about people helping people; it’s about people devoting their servants’ hearts to the Body of Christ.

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