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Framework for Success: Your Organization and Community

Your Organization Needs Community!

Your organization, if it is to grow and succeed, needs people--people who do the work of  ministry and those who support the work through funding and sponsorship. Your ministry must attract new people and  draw all those who support your cause  closer to the organization and closer to one another. The more people who are connected to one another through the work of your ministry organization, the more strongly attached those individuals are to the organization. The two elements which build a community around your cause are your beliefs and your communications which must express the values of your cause in your work. 

Biblical Model

The Bible models a form of community organization based on a shared spiritual  identity. It is called fellowship.

By discovering the unique factors which motivate your donors, we can develop targeted communications to draw donors into community around your cause. The next step is to implement a systematic plan for community engagements which connect donors to your organization and to one another-- all in support of your cause.


The unifying cause of fellowship offered in the Bible is faith in Jesus Christ. Believers can and do gather together because each has been drawn to the Son by the Holy Spirit. Each believer shares this fundamental individual experience of regeneration. When believers gather together there is a biblically-grounded expectation of shared experience, shared purpose, and shared love. Your ministry can offer a similar experience.

Fellowship in  Christian community occurs even when individuals do not know one another through social relationships. A believer can walk into a Christian church and there is a shared community waiting. Every individual has a common identity in Christ. Believers join in community for personal validation (against the doubts planted by Satan), interpersonal relationship (fellowship and discipleship) and the collective power of community. There is strength in numbers. Your ministry is a shared community of Christians around a particular cause.

Your Organization as Community

As a network of individual Christians supporting a common cause, your ministry has the potential to grow by living out its identity as a Biblically-charged community. In order to thrive and support the work you do, your organization has a goal to enlist more people in support of your cause. The catalyst to draw people into community is your marketing communications system.

Advocace and Your Community

Advocace works with your organization to create  community around your ministry. Advocace helps you identify the various segments within your community and recommends communications strategies for engaging these supporters and drawing them closer to your ministry through shared purpose and shared values . 

As Advocace works with your organization, we seek to understand how we can help you transform your organization into a community of ongoing support by asking some basic questions:

  • How can your organization create the faith-based  culture that engenders community-building?
  • How can effective communications help to forge a Christian community around your ministry?
  • What role can development play in laying the groundwork for the personal relationships which characterize a Biblical community?
  • How can you connect individuals to your cause on an emotional and spiritual level with Biblical principles?
  • How can you connect individuals to the work you do for the Kingdom?
  • How can you connect individuals to the people you serve in Christ's name?

Community creates collective excitement and builds upon itself to attract new individual  members.

Advantage Advocace: We power your ministry by effectively communicating your story to your potential constituents in order to build a Christian community of ongoing support  

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