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Framework for Success: Your Organization and Leadership

First and foremost, effective leadership provides vision. You must have a vision for your ministry and make decisions every day which spur activities which lead you toward that vision.  A vision gives your ministry a tangible goal to work towards as it lives out its calling to serve the Lord. Leadership is vital in building a community around your cause which connects all your constituents: those who receive your services; those who do the work of your ministry; and those who provide the support for the continued flow of resources to your ministry.

Leadership Markers

  • Articulate a clear vision of where your ministry is going and what it will look like when you get there
  • Communicate that vision to every constituent of your ministry: staff, leadership, sponsors, donors, board, the public
  • Lead the development initiative personally without ambiguity or hesitation
  • Foster a culture of community which draws on the Bible as its connecting spiritual fiber, lending significance to every person in your ministry circle
  • Embrace and express the understanding that development is a vital part of your ministry
  • Communicate that vision to every constituent of your ministry: staff, leadership, sponsors, donors, board, the public
  • Acknowledge and embrace the responsibilities of the role of steward of God's work through the ministry
  • Establish specific, realistic, achievable, measurable goals with periodic milestones to measure progress

Key Questions About Leadership

  • Does your leadership team have a written plan for long-term growth?
  • Does your leadership team trust in the Lord to provide for your ministry needs?
  • How are you planning to build the financial capacity and manpower requirements for long-term growth?
  • How many segments of your ministry community are represented on your leadership team?
  • Has your leadership team established specific, realistic, measurable goals?
  • Does your board connect major donors to the ministry?
  • Are board members major donors or champions of the ministry?
  • How does your leadership build the ministry’s public image?
  • How does leadership add significance to the lives and work of staff, volunteers, and donors?
  • Does your leadership plan include a component for long-term growth?

Advocace Impacts Your Leadership

Through hands-on training and coaching, Advocace works with your leadership to help them identify and address the essential elements that drive the success of your ministry: Biblical stewardship principles, organization vision, focused mission, and commitment to development.

Advocace and Your Leadership. We prepare your leadership to inspire your organization to realize its vision by adopting Biblical stewardship principles, development best practices and management systems to accomplish the mission.

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