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Framework for Success:Your Organization and Systems  

As your ministry grows, the pressure to accomplish more with the same amount of human resources  can overwhelm your team members. When the need arises for increased attention to marketing, communications and development, their natural reaction is that they cannot take on any new responsibilities. How can they possibly do more work and new tasks in the same period of time? Systems are the key to streamlining the workflow of you ministry.

Systems Allow Your Team to Work More Efficiently and Effectively

In planning for a sustainable income stream to fund your organization, you need to answer certain questions about management systems:

  • Is your leadership and staffing system effectively fulfilling reaching toward your vision?
  • Is your marketing communications system yielding a richer, growing community?
  • Is your organization’s development system turnkey and delivering positive results?
  • Do you have a data reporting system which measures your efficiency in development?

Advocace Powers Your Organization’s Growth Through Effective Systems

There are three key systems that make your growing ministry run more efficiently:

Marketing system

A marketing system creates both a top-of-mind awareness of yore ministry’s cause to current and prospective community members and issues a call-to-action which draws people in to become active participants and supporters of your ministry.

Development system

Fundraising is more than asking for money in mass mail or messages. Development requires a disciplined process of donor development that draws people into the work and support of your ministry and applies their resources to specific needs through: annual fund, major donors, capital campaigns, planned giving.

Reporting system

 To track the multiple activities of your ministry related to development, reporting is essential. Reporting allows for progress reports in relation to ministry goals and objectives, gives substance to periodic reviews and sparks adjustments to planning, creates a set of measurable criteria by which you can accurately gauge results and measure accountability. 

Advocace and Your Systems. Advocace helps you adopt and adapt those systems needed for your organization to deliver more services more effectively and efficiently to those you serve.

Advocace. Building a community of support around a vision. Yours.

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