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Continuity: The Advocace Process

Our goal is to transform your ministry into a community of ongoing support around your cause.

You can count on us for consistency in our work because we operate on your behalf within a continuous cycle of engagement. The structure of the engagement cycle allows us to approach your organization with a measured, disciplined process.

The Advocace Consulting ProcessDiscover

Discovery involves the exchange of major information about you ministry, your work, your staff and your support community. The discovery meeting is the basic forum for gathering information and for understanding your vision and your development program to support the work you do. Is on the information garnered during the discovery process that we can together formulate a strategic plan to address the issues most vital to your ministry’s continued success and effectiveness.


The assessment process is in its most basic form a recap of the findings of the discovery process. It organizes important information about your ministry in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The assessment process reveals many of the most important issues facing your ministry and prioritizes among them.


From the priorities identified and listed in the assessment process, we can craft a strategic plan. The strategic plan is a set of concrete action steps to move your ministry ahead. The plan includes specific measurable goals and a timetable for the implementation of action steps, markers by which we can gauge progress toward goals, and roles and responsibilities of those who will be involved in the work.


 Plans are important, but just having a plan does not in any way shape or form result in progress or success. It is putting the plan to work, actually doing what the plan calls for, that drives positive results. Implementation of each action step is function we perform together. Advocace works alongside you to make sure the action items of the strategic plan are correctly rolled out. Advocace helps you and your staff every step of the way. A plan is only as good as its execution.


After the plan has been set in motion, we carefully analyze the results and plot the progress toward goals as time moves on. We gauge our progress against a set of specific, measurable goals. Once we can confidently declare success/victory on our declared aims, we can circle back to the discovery process. In victory we can reassess the needs of your ministry and determine which issues are the next vital areas we can address. Thus, the re-discovery of ministry needs leads to assessment, crafting of a plan, implementation of action steps, and review.

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