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Daddy, Why Is Grass Turning Brown Again?


My friend’s son asked that question.  We were excited that his son was starting to understand the cycle of seasons—in the fall, the grass turns brown. In the spring, the grass turns green. When you understand the changing seasons, you’ll also know how to prepare your home and your car.  You’ll know which clothes to have ready for chilly mornings in the fall or winter. When you’re three years old, you can start keeping up with seasons to help you live. What if we discovered that there are ‘macro-seasons’? Macro-seasons could be longer stretches of time for cycles to occur.  What if the cycle was about the same length as a human life?  It would be hard for us to see, but once we recognize the pattern, we could better relate to people seeking Christ, to people looking for products and to people finding fulfillment in giving generously to non-profits. The Pendulum Swings Pendulum by Roy Williams and Michael Drew shows that these ‘macro season ...

  1. Re: America’s Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities

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  2. Re: Helping Leaders Make Good Decisions In An Indecisive Time

    I think #4 is the key. In today's world it is more important than ever to be sensitive to when a strategy...

    -- Ben Armitage

  3. Re: America’s Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities

    Bible-Mindedness how is that defined?

    -- PastorKenT