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Grow! by Paul Martin

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Clear, Concise, Compelling

So the owner of the radio station took me to a lunch meeting at a restaurant atop a tall building. The restaurant overlooked a large business development and had a wonderful view of downtown. There were about 100 business leaders in the room. The featured speaker appeared to be a bit eccentric--made his money by selling a business that sold teas made from exoctic herbs. Before the Tea-Man took the stage, the son of a well-known CEO took the stage to talk about a new initiative he recently launched. I thought his presentation would take a long time and be exceptionally boring. I was quite wrong--his presentation was riveting. He was brief--probably speaking only 4 minutes or so. His vision was huge. He was clear in what he would do, when he would do it and what he wanted us to do. All in about the time of a short song. He was clear, concise and compelling. Your Business on MSNBC carries a segment called "Elevator Pitch"--I record the show on my DVR each weekend. Here's one about the record business. Contes ...

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20 Connects A Day

BusinessmanWithPhoneSo, as a business development pro, you make 20 connects a day.  What do you do with the 20 connects?

Some people pitch a package.  I like to listen.  When I make the connection on the phone, I'll set up a time where I can ask the prospect a bunch of questions with absolutely no pitch.  In essence, the goal of the Connection is an Appointment. Nothing else.

Let me back up a bit.  My objective for any business development interaction with a prospect is to create a solution that the prospect can't wait to renew at the end of the agreement.

That's why I ask so many questions.  I want to make sure that the prospect will be satisfied.

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Success, Controversy and Family-Friendliness

So what would happen if you had reporters from ABC, CBS, CNN, and every major television station in your market cover your organization?  What would happen if all the coverage was about people marveling how relevant your organization is? We just saw that happen this weekend at the church where Paula and I have been members for over 16 years.  Our pastor's subject matter was not that unusual--for him.  Some people found it controversial.  Some people found it to be so honest that they had to talk about it. Here are a few of the clips that we discovered about Pastor Ed Young and Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas for this past weekend's message.  Just click to view: ABC - Good Morning America CBS - The Early Show CNN 2 WFAA News - Dallas ABC affiliate KDFW News - Dallas Fox affiliate KXAS News - Ft. Worth NBC affiliate KTVT News - Ft. Worth CBS affiliate Here's the full message so you can see for yourself what it was all about: http://m ...

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