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What High-Performing Stations Do That Others Don’t


Both the Station Manager, Jake and the Chairman of the Board, Micah wanted to do what was best for the radio station. But, when I spoke with them privately, the chasm between how the two individuals viewed the station’s success became clear. “My board just doesn’t understand radio,” Jake said as he began to justify his disobedience to their directives. “Why does Jake always bring money problems to the board?” Micah exclaimed as he started to justify replacing Jake with somebody else. The board, composed mostly of local business people and a pastor, understood economics. Jake understood programming and operations, but he could not articulate the economics of the radio station in a way the business people could understand. Unless the board and the manager started connecting on common business and organization issues, the board would likely disconnect the Jake from the radio station. Jake and the Economics of Christian Radio When Jake saw The Listener-Supported Radio Development Outlook, he quickly deeme ...

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Leaders Give You a Personal Vision


Tom Durfey (lower left), ORU campus radio  faculty advisor gave vision to his students that continues to impact lives 35 years later. Pictured also, Joe Miller (K-Love/EMF Broadcasting), Tim McDermott ( KSBJ/Houston) & Paul Martin (Advocace). Dr. Tom Durfey gave his students—including myself—a vision of the impact they could make. Tom owned a radio station but sold this thriving business to become a college professor at Oral Roberts University. As a hands-on business owner, his experiences were meaningful, memorable and motivational. You’ll see what I mean if you read to the end. Like all strong leaders, Tom gave me experience through his stories. Those experiences gave me direction as I encountered similar situations in the professional world. Leader’s Experience Became My Experience Tom once told a retailer to give the radio station the same budget given to the local newspaper. (The retailer placed expensive, weekl ...

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Three Steps to Prosperous Partnership Planning


For months, the couple looked forward to their first trip to New York City. They wanted to see two Broadway shows, a Yankees game, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. While they prepared for their visit, the couple discovered other destinations they desired to visit: The Met, The Cloisters and other museums. With their limited amount of time the couple had to take a few moments each morning to plan their daily activities. They wanted to save time (and money) by visiting places that were close together. When the couple returned from their trip, they had stories and experiences that they told throughout their life. The couple planned to have stories for a lifetime—and they succeeded. Stories of God’s Provision Success with major gifts begins with a simple three-step written plan. 1. Desired Outcome. Simply fill in the blank saying what you desire for the end of your campaign: “God has provided enough so we may ___________________.” 2. Financial Goals. Determine the amount and the date ...

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The Pain in Setting Goals


I’ll confess something to you: I have had a real problem with goals for a long time. I used to be gung-ho with goals—for years, I wrote them and I reviewed them almost every day. I can even point back to significant milestones in life were brought to reality because I prayed through goal-setting and goal-achieving every day. Reality, Aspirations and Goals But when our oldest daughter, Beth, was born, goals became so much harder to set.  Those of us with kids understand the disappointments of decisions and the powerlessness we feel.  Perhaps you are like me that before the child is born you have great aspirations for the girl’s (or boy’s) life.  Maybe she will be a physician who helps heal sick people.  Maybe she will be a great judge who settles matters in a wise and noble way.  Maybe she will carry the gospel to people who have never heard. These aspirations came into direct conflict with the reality of Beth’s birth—she was born without frontal lobes in her brain and is multiply ...

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