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Fired: Performance Problems or People Problems?


In a society where performance is trumpeted, the cold truth is that people problems can be job fatal at most non-profits. Non-profits normally don't fire team members due to performance problems. Mostly, non-profits fire team members due to people problems. Today, emotional Intelligence (EI) is more important at non-profits than for profits (and it is becoming extremely important at for profit organizations). Why?  Non-profits are normally focused on on mission. Anything that distracts from that mission--like teammember conflict--is job fatal.  Non-profits are unique because they are often led and staffed with people who are so mission-minded that they lack EI. Not the Wrong Leader, Just Needs New Skills In my work with non-profits over the last 25 years, leaders and mid-managers are often hard-working, task-oriented people with discomfort when trying to guide employees with the small corrections that a coaching-leader uses.  Often, a task-oriented person works loyally and long ...

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Manager Pre-requisite: Create


Hiring new managers is a humbling experience.  I've had hits.  I've had misses.  And that's why I work so hard to minimize misplaced hires--so I keep a file of competencies that I expect in new managers. While visiting Curriculum Night for my seventh-grader, one teacher presented the new grading system for the school:    Remember / Understand / Apply    40%   Analyze / Evaluate / Create    60% In essence, 40% of the grade will come from showing the ability to memorize, understand and apply the material while 60% of the grade will come from analyzing, evaluating and creating new material from the base concepts.  The weight is with the Creators. Recently, a client said that they really liked a new manager they hired a short time back.  During the interview process, the new manager demo ...

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  2. Re: Helping Leaders Make Good Decisions In An Indecisive Time

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  3. Re: America’s Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities

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