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Weaknesses: God’s Strength at Work


People succeed not so much because of full utilization of their strengths but because of their not having significant shortcomings.  Bradford Smart “Your backhand can lose a game that your forehand won.” I remember my father telling me that after winning his tennis match one day.  Then at 80 years old, his decades of observing tennis offered a remarkably simple truth: Your strengths can put you ahead but your weaknesses can make you lose the game. Sure, sharpening your strengths is a good idea, but getting control of your weaknesses is key to high-impact performance. Acknowledging weaknesses is the first step to see God perform a mighty work.  That why the Apostle Paul wrote: I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. 2 Corinthians 12:10 Mere acknowledgment of weaknesses, accompanied by a prayerful plan to smooth them down, allows your strengths to shine brighter. Never dwell on weaknesses, pray for discipline and God's provision t ...

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Keeping New Year’s Goals Alive...and Major Gift Goals, Too!


New Year's goals stay vibrant with constant feeding.

We prayerfully consider our goals, but often I don't as prayerfully consider my actions in pursuing those goals. Whether the goal is about losing weight or increasing income from major gifts, the first steps pave the way to more achievement.

A good friend once shared that every time he would meet a new major gift prospect, he would set a date for the first time he would ask for their help at his radio station. That gave him time to develop a relationship that was genuinely caring without the pressure of asking for funding. When the day would come (typically four to six months later), the ask for a gift came naturally.

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Dancing Queen: Having the time of your life


Although she loved to dance, she never attended her high school proms. She never expected to be invited by a boy. She heard her classmates talk about the prom, but she never even asked to go, because she knew something. She knew it would be no fun on her own. She knew it would be a bit dangerous for her. She just knew... Now that she attends a community college, she has another chance for a dance. Again, no boy invites her. She knew it might be a bit dangerous for her to go. But this time she takes the chance, because she knew it would be fun to go--even without a date. What's the difference? She knew she would be welcomed. It is truly hard for any of us to go someplace for the first time or do something new. But you really want to go when you know that you're welcomed. The prom for special needs young adults at her community college was built for people like Beth. Whether the kids have Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy (like Beth) or other mental acuity or physical challenges, they knew they would be welcomed ...

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Thank Full


"Happy Turkey Day" said the deliveryman as he left our office a few moments ago. I really appreciate his sentiments, but we're leaving something very special out. Thanksgiving is the only American holiday that is still attached to its historic meaning. Our family visited the site of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts a while back and a guide told us stories about the pilgrims and the incredible hardships they endured. Whether the severe disease that struck the sea-faring pilgrims or the bitter cold of the New England winter that caused so many deaths, the early settlers faced day after day of trouble. From the time the pilgrims left Europe and made it to their first growing season in Plymouth, they buried about 50 of their family, friends and seamates--that is about half of the number that embarked on the Mayflower's journey. Recognizing the loss of loved ones and the continuing hardship, the Pilgrims looked for God's provision and celebrated his delivery. In that first successful harve ...

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