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Direct Mail Attracts Dollars


Even though response rates to direct mail have fallen the past few years, it still brings a better response than digital media.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released its 2012 Response Rate Report comparing direct mail with online display ads and email appeals.

However, the highest response rate came from telephone marketing, but it also had the highest cost per lead at $78.

Find out what avenues are the most cost effective in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/KKshFr

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Staying In the Inbox


Email plus customer base equals a great marketing marriage. With the threat of un-subscribers, how do you get customers to say "Buy, buy" rather than merely, "Bye, bye"?

MarketingProfs reports that a variety of types of emails to your clients helps you stay out of the delete box. Using newsletters, holiday greetings and educational information are just a few ways that you can salt consumers interest. Read Karen Talavera's (Synchronicity Marketing) article on how to spice up your emails with variety http://bit.ly/pdNavs   (MarketingProfs may require sign-up to see story.)

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How Competitive is Your Content?


In our mad dash to upload, post, link, twitter and blog, we sometimes take our actual content for granted. We forget that the world is reading me, my blogs, my company website.

Therein lies the rub. If your job responsibilities include posting to any type of social site, check the article "Honor Thy Content: The Five Commandments of Editorial Excellence".

Ken Gordon reminds us that there's strong competition for the eyes and ears of your prospects and clients, and engaging content wins the war.

Learn how you can polish your content in this Partner Community Forum article http://bit.ly/eyumSh

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Social Media: The New Whisper Game?


Remember the child's game of "Whisper"? Someone started with a sentence and whispered it to their neighbor...by the time the message got to the last person, it wasn't even remotely like the original message.

Social Media (blogs in particular) continue the tradition of the whisper game. e-Marketer chronicles a new report that finds that message distortion creates huge problems for companies. Message distortion is less a problem in traditional media streams, but as blogging continues to grow, companies need to take advantage of their own content.

As companies release creative content over social networks, there is less chance of message distortion. Check out the full article at: http://bit.ly/cwBWqv

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Reaching the Buying Brain


Are there really differences in how marketers should sell to Boomers, Men, Women and Moms? In his new book, "The Buying Brain: Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind" author A. K. Pradeep takes readers through the studies and metrics that neuromarketers use. He also gives marketing advice based on the data accumulated by NeuroFocus, the largest neuromarketing service. Case studies are used to investigate common problems faced by marketing professionals. Pradeep devotes an entire chapter to new moms. Research indicates that women who become moms undergo brain changes that significantly affect how they perceive and respond to advertising messages. This is especially important considering women still control 85% of all household purchases. Learn more about "The Buying Brain" from this neuromarketing blog http://www.neurosciencemarketing.com/blog/articles/buying-brain.htm

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Brands CAPTCHA Attention Online: Favorable or Unfavorable?


Think about the last time you had to type in a security code while visiting a website, perhaps to make a purchase or just to get through the security of the site.
Those funky fuzzy letters are called CAPTCHA--an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". The distorted messages require your undivided attention (and what advertiser doesn't want your undivided attention?). 

Solve Media has figured out a way to allow advertisers to take advantage of the CAPTCHA space. Instead of typing in the fuzzy funky words, users will be asked to type in a brand slogan or phrase. The question left hanging is, will consumers remember the frustration of having to type in a brand slogan on a website, or fondly remember the brand? Ad Ages reports on this new CAPTCHA quandary at http://bit.ly/be8liU

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twitter success models


So what can twitter do for your products?

Social media doesn't create fans, it connects fans. Craig Arthur, Director of the Wizard of Ads/Australia, observes that successful twitter campaigns begin with a highly desirable product at a low price point. Arthur notes that limited availability of the product increases buzzworthiness with twitter. 

Many businesses will have challenges sustaining any real success with twitter as a marketing vehicle if the business desires to control the message or outcome. Arthur notes, "Two entirely different things are being called social media: One is wild and organic and comes from the customer's experience. The other is calculated and comes from the business owner." Arthur delineates the difference: "Advertising is where the business owner controls the message. Social Media is where the customer controls the message." 

Source: http://www.mondaymorningmemo.com/?ShowMe=Pendulum3

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