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The Give and Take of Giving


Simply, the richer a donor, the more likely they will make a restricted gift to charity.

A majority of donors with assets of $1 million to $5 million prefer unrestricted gifts, while those with assets exceeding $50 million prefer restricted giving.

The strongest motivation for charitable giving among the wealthy is personal values. Religious faith, family legacy and helping society were high priorities in giving.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on a study by Forbes and Credit Suisse. Does your organization meet the high standards for philanthropic giving? http://bit.ly/YWH1bQ

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True Blue Loyalty


JetBlue’s loyalty program “TrueBlue Giving” is about more than accumulating points. December 10 through the 17, the airline is allowing customers to donate their points to 2.5 million causes in JetBlue’s True Giving database.

Fliers can even designate which category the funds are allocated to such as development, training and advocacy.

Receipts from the donations will be generated through Kula Causes, an online giving platform.

In November, JetBlue customers donated more the $835,000 to help in the relief efforts associated with Hurricane Sandy. RAB’s Radio Sales Today reports on turning customers into donors http://bit.ly/VQhXl4

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Online Giving Continues to Grow


Online fundraising is an integral part of any successful non-profit development plan. The trend for online giving is growing, too.

Consider these four reasons why you should expect online giving to grow:

  1. Online giving is increasing each and every year

  1. Online donors are younger and their average gift is about $100--a tough demographic for most non-profits to attract

  1. Small non-profits tend to do better with online fundraising

  1. As more giving shifts to online, a broad online strategy will continue to direct more donors to your 'donate now' button

The Non-Profit Times reports on why you should expect online giving to continue strong for non-profits: http://bit.ly/TQBTxD

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Strong Year-End Starts Now


Fall has officially started and the mind begins to wander to the end of the year with all its festivities. If you work with a non-profit organization, the next few weeks can make or break the end of the calendar year.

Year-end giving contributes a substantial amount of donations for most non-profits. Are you ready?

Network for Good offers up five ways to get ready for the windfall of year-end giving in the following ways: make sure you can accept online donations, update your website before December, use email marketing to communicate to your donors, tell your story passionately, and always plan ahead.

Find out if you are ready for end year giving with the full article at http://bit.ly/UN0erw

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Fundraising: The Personal Touch


What can a small non-profit do to raise big funds?

This was part of a panel discussion at a recent Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation meeting. Suggestions included using hand-written correspondence.

A personal touch that can make donors feel engaged. The panel shared stories of two agencies that saw increased giving as a result of hand-written appeals.

Other tips include gang printing (printing two direct mail pieces at a time rather than separately) and use of online donation strategies.

The Non-Profit Times reports on this panel discussion http://bit.ly/Inlelb

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Social Brings Different Donors


Non-profits increasingly use social media to attract donors, but what kind of donor does social media attract?

Social media provides outlets for non-profits to reach more people in a cost-efficient way. Now, non-profits see that the face of the average donor is changing. Philanthropy is now being embraced by younger individuals with smaller gifts.

Donations are not the only objective for non-profits using social media as a vehicle. Engaging, informing and increasing awareness of the public through social is commonplace for many NPOs.

Financial Times reports on the new face of non-profit donors http://on.ft.com/GBek9p

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Beautiful Are The Feet...


Joy FM’s (Central Florida) morning show host, Carmen Brown, teamed up with Dove nominee Natalie Grant and 132 other team members (Team Freedom) for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando on February 26th.

Team Freedom ran to raise money for Natalie Grant’s foundation Abolition international, an organization fighting human trafficking.

Carmen invited JOY FM listeners to join the team by running, financial support or prayer. Nearly $60,000 was raised by race participants, online gifts and matching funds. Read more about the JOY FM community of support in Carmen’s blog http://bit.ly/yjPlYg

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txtN 4 Donation $


Raising over $43 million from text messages for the Haiti earthquakes in 2010, the Red Cross expanded its donor base. However, most text giving is spontaneous, and does not result in lasting engagement with the charitable organization or its projects.

...but the texter may not be the one to blame. About 80% of text givers have not had any follow-up from the receiver of the donation.

When surveyed, Haiti donors responded that 25% prefer texting for giving, 24% liked online forms, with 22% preferring mail and 19% liked in-person giving. Only 6% liked to give via the telephone.

Find out more about the differences in text givers versus more traditional donors in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/ykXOGB

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Simple Gifts. Lasting Impact.


WEMI/WEMY/WGNV (The Family) of Wisconsin geared up for their 14th annual Christmas Care Campaign.

Listeners are asked to wrap shoe-boxes filled with toys, games, mittens and candy for those in need. Wrapped boxes are delivered to area shelters and hospital emergency rooms for distribution.

Last year, over 2,700 boxes were collected and distributed. Boxes are collected at local grocery stores, Christian bookstores and even pet supply stores!

These small simple gifts make a positive difference in the lives of those who receive them. Check out the abundance of gifts given last year at http://bit.ly/voulWZ

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J93.3 Makes Thanksgiving Happy in Atlanta


J93.3 (WVFJ-FM / Atlanta) is giving the shirt off their back to help more than 3,000 families have a happy Thanksgiving.

Helping local organization Bridging The Gap, WVFJ will stage remote broadcasts around Atlanta and will give a station t-shirt to anyone bringing a frozen turkey or a paper turkey (donation of $10 or more).

The station's first two remotes attracted over 400 turkeys (frozen and paper) to start off this year's campaign. More than a dozen remote broadcasts are planned during the campaign.

Gobble up more information at http://bit.ly/tfRepL

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