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I’ll Give if You Leave Me Alone!


Millennials (Generation Y) continue to be a bit of a quagmire when it comes to communication, especially for non-profits.  This group of folks born from the early 80’s to the early 90’s believe in giving both time and money, and they can also be impulsive.  A recent article from “The NonProfit Times” cites information from the “2012 Millennial Impact Report” that gives glimpses into the mindset of the average Millennial.   Focus groups found that Millennials do not want to be contacted via calls or texts from nonprofits.  Why?  Because these are personal forms of communication for the Millennial.  See more about how Millennials operate at http://www.thenonprofittimes.com/management-tips/millennials-dont-wants-calls-or-texts/

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Americans are Up in Alms


“People in America are so generous.” my friend said as we barreled down the highway towards summer camp.   I had to listen hard to make sure I understood what she was saying through her thick Japanese accent.  “Especially here in the south” she added.  I always knew that Americans were charitable, but I had never heard us compared to other countries before, let alone other areas of the U.S.  My friend was born in Japan and spent part of her married life in Canada and also in Chicago. 

That’s why a recent study by Barna struck a chord with me.  It proves what my friend explained to me on that hot July day in Texas.  Americans are charitable.  Amazingly, only 13% of Americans have not donated to charity in the past twelve months. 

Barna’s research found that religious identification has a lot to do with our generous gene.  Evangelicals are the most generous, with 79% donating money to charities (mainly their churches) in 2012.   Evangelicals also donate items and volunteer time for charities.  Only 1% of evangelicals say that they have not given in any way to a charity this past year. 

Juxtaposed to the Christian evangelicals are those of other faiths, where 27% say they had not donated to a charity in 2012.  This is slightly more than double the amount of the average American who did not give to charity (13%). 

Barna’s article goes on to tell about the psychology behind American’s generosity, the dollar amounts that we are giving, and what’s happened to the tithe.   I’m so glad that we are “up in alms” in America!  http://www.barna.org/culture-articles/611-new-barna-study-explores-trends-among-american-donors

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