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Boomers vs. Gen X on Digital Media


While boomers own their fair share of smartphones and have registered for accounts on Facebook and Twitter, they are not as likely as Generation X (ages 32-47) to use the technology.

There is one exception, however. Boomer e-mail usage is comparable to other younger age groups (30-49 years old and 18-29 years old).

A new report by Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that boomers will use technology when there is a practical benefit. Find out if social is the best way to reach the group you want to with this e-Marketer article http://bit.ly/PUL3GK

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E-mail Brings the Real Deal


Every marketer longs for their brand messages to be shared. With the constant bombardment of inboxes, it is harder than ever for messages to be opened.
Simply, discounts may be the answer.
Recent research from EmailVision found that promotions with a discount were 34% more likely to be shared than other messages. Email sharing also resulted from:

  • Humorous content (20% share rate)

  • Incentives for sharing (19% share rate)

  • New information (19% share rate)

The good news for marketers employing this discount technique: not only are their emails opened and shared, but they gain increased sales and new customers, too. So, you may want to share this information from e-Marketer http://bit.ly/AtWNdg

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How Competitive is Your Content?


In our mad dash to upload, post, link, twitter and blog, we sometimes take our actual content for granted. We forget that the world is reading me, my blogs, my company website.

Therein lies the rub. If your job responsibilities include posting to any type of social site, check the article "Honor Thy Content: The Five Commandments of Editorial Excellence".

Ken Gordon reminds us that there's strong competition for the eyes and ears of your prospects and clients, and engaging content wins the war.

Learn how you can polish your content in this Partner Community Forum article http://bit.ly/eyumSh

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How Influential is Social Media?


Just how many holiday shoppers visited the top 40 internet retailers' websites because of a social media channel? Only 5% according to a recent survey.

Surveyed shoppers placed website experience as more important than price. And, it appears that online customer's have higher expectations for their online experience.

Overall customer satisfaction with online transactions dipped one point lower than last year's score. Look to find out which online retailers lead in consumer satisfaction in this clickz article http://bit.ly/fF2RcR

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Email Wins over Other Social Media


Email is still the preferred vehicle for sharing content online (especially for consumers over the age of 35). More than half of all referrals through the "Tell-a-Friend" widget used email to share content.

"But", cries the marketer, "we get more click throughs on Facebook and Twitter!" True, but the secret lies in the fact that emails sent through the "Tell-a-Friend" widget include the full message, so there is no need for the recipient to do a click through.

Email also leads to more engagement, more pages viewed and more conversions. This recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey backs up an August study conducted by Social Twist with the same results. Check out this eMarketer article for the facts http://bit.ly/9Da3Th

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What do Women Say About You (and Your Product)?


You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that women talk...about everything! And, the savvy marketer knows that women talk to each other about their experiences with products, both the good and the bad.

In spite of technological gains, women still prefer to give/receive information face-to-face (92%) rather than doing so online. Harbinger and Ipsos recently conducted the study that discovered that lifestage and product category weighed heavily on how and why women communicated with each other. To understand the complexities of women's communication see the press release yourself at http://bit.ly/ag4HHW

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