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Radio and Total Recall


Want to reach your target audience and get better response? Plan on using internet platforms in conjunction to traditional radio.

The Radio Advertising Bureau released a new white paper on the multiplying effect of using radio with digital media which found that:

  • Ad recall improves dramatically when digital and radio are used together

  • There is increased brand preference and purchase behavior

  • Visits to brand websites are increased

While marketing dollars increasingly go toward new media, this white paper shows that adding internet radio and broadcast radio to the plan brings greater response. http://bit.ly/RdoTEn

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Local Marketing Wins Greater ROI


National marketing may cut a high profile, but local market gets greater results. A majority (88%) of national brands allocate some budget to local markets. However, these brands expect a greater return on investment (ROI) on local dollars than national dollars.

Over half (63%) expected a 1.5 to 3 times return on their local advertising investment. Local marketing automation provider Balihoo studied what national brands are expecting from local market investments.

Read the great expectations in this eMarketer article http://bit.ly/LmVKCB

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All Eyes On Online Video


Advertisers are paying attention and dollars to online video. eMarketer predicts that 71% of U.S. internet users will watch online video monthly by December 2012.

Pre-roll advertising (a video advertisement that plays before an online video you chose to watch) is a favorite format for online advertising. Banner ads are still important, but increasingly, revenue dollars are being funneled to pre-roll advertising.

Over half (63%) of ad agency decision-makers plan on placing pre-roll ads this year.

Read more about online advertising trends for 2012 in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/w5jUvJ

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Building Brand Between Seasons


Marketer's across the country are gearing up for their biggest marketing season, Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. But what's a marketer to do after the presents have been opened and all the returns made?

Perhaps a mini-marketing campaign is just the ticket.

Inc. magazine reports on ways to increase your brand influence. Inc. collected tips from seven marketers for quick, cheap efforts for the times in-between your major campaigns.

See if a mini-marketing campaign might be just what you need after the busiest holidays of the year http://bit.ly/rRBl3l

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Sprit FM Attracts Extraordinary Women


Spirit FM, Lynchburg VA's contemporary Christian Music radio station, is bringing women closer to the heart of God with the Extraordinary Women's Conference (eWomen).

Spirit FM began broadcasting announcements for eWomen's October conference in early March--and the 6,000 seat event was sold out before March 31st!  The eWomen Conference tickets are in such high demand that an overflow venue at a local church is being offered.

Spirit FM has championed the eWomen's conference for the past ten years. Find other great events that Spirit FM supports at http://bit.ly/o3DO6y

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Mail Superhero


The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a new hero that might just help them get out of their budget woes. That cape wearing super hero is direct mail.

Outside sources cite that mail currently captures 12% of media advertising money. The USPS offers a new service called "Every Door Direct Mail" that allows marketers to send out mailings without specific names or addresses. With this new program, marketers can target specific geographic areas at a cost of 14.2 cents for each mail piece.

Could direct mail be your new hero? Find out in this Advertising Age article http://bit.ly/qNA7qN

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Supersize Me Not


Twitter, 140 characters, is a quick easy communication tool. Consumers now use smartphones while watching TV.

Are we a nation of ADD consumers? No. We just like information in "bite-sized" portions.

We sample, we nibble around the edges on content. There's even a Sunday morning business show that hypes the "elevator pitch". These bites can engage consumers, so that they come back for seconds.

Glenn Engler thinks that snack-sized content is the way to make the consumer hungry for your product in this Marketing Prof article http://bit.ly/qRqskL

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Why Can't I Find You On Google?


Keeping your website on the forefront of Google, Bing or Yahoo is the pipeline for traffic. There are thousands of websites, and what good is it if your are on the last page of a search engine's listing?

There are things you can do to get your website front and center by the search engines (also known as SEO--search engine optimization). Listed in this article by NetWits Think Tank are ten (10) action items to get your website on the first page of a search. Help your website rankings with these essential tools http://bit.ly/hQu9Wk

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How-To Social Media


With so many social marketing venues available at the fingertips of any marketer, social media campaigns come and go. But, essential to any media campaign are objectives and strategy.

Without a clear picture of the desired results, can social media campaigns really benefit your company? Radio Sales Today reports on a four-phase model written by Tom Pick of KC Associates, to guide anyone into adapting a social media plan for their business.

See if your organization is on the right track with social media at http://bit.ly/dJ1j2x

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The Easy Facebook Dance


With social media a marketer often feels like they have two left feet. So when an article with best practices comes along, we like to follow the foot prints of those who have gone before us.

Soap Creative (a digital agency) designed an easy to read, easy to implement guide for Facebook branding...and the artwork is fun, too! Read this Ad Age article along with the handy slide show to gain insights into adding some spark to your Facebook page http://bit.ly/fPSLdN

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