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Tablets: Not A Hard Pill to Swallow


Longing for the days of reading an article in a magazine or newspaper? Try reaching for your tablet. Tablet users now access magazines and newspapers regularly.

Roughly one-third of tablet users read newspapers and even more read magazines via their tablet. Reports show that men use their tablets for newspaper and magazine reading, but women are trending up in their tablet use.

Most tablet users were anywhere from 18 to 44 years old. Income also played a part of this research, as the household grew, more tablet use was observed.

Tablets just might be the booster shot that print media needs. Read the e-Marketer story on tablet use http://bit.ly/RDla3B

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Men Spend The Money In Mobile


Men are buying more with their mobile devices than women. Specifically, digital content is just one area where men outspend women using mobile.

Other areas where men use their purchasing power include electronics and movie/event tickets.

Women do have one area where they outspend men with mobile purchases…health and beauty items. Women are still king (or queen) with using mobile for coupons.

Read how gender influences mobile purchases in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/VBxiVC

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WAY-FM Brings More Heart


WAY-FM recently added 14 of its audio programming streams to Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio platform. Broadcasts from thirteen WAY stations in markets like Louisville and Nashville, along with a WAY national stream will be featured.

iHeartRadio is an online and mobile service with a broadcast app for mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android.

RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) reported on the addition http://bit.ly/KKsVT6.

While WAY has been expanding their reach nationally, their morning show host Wally tried his own means for notoriety by crashing an Inpop Records celebration of the NewsBoys number one single "God's Not Dead". See what all the roar is about http://bit.ly/LoY21R

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txtN 4 Donation $


Raising over $43 million from text messages for the Haiti earthquakes in 2010, the Red Cross expanded its donor base. However, most text giving is spontaneous, and does not result in lasting engagement with the charitable organization or its projects.

...but the texter may not be the one to blame. About 80% of text givers have not had any follow-up from the receiver of the donation.

When surveyed, Haiti donors responded that 25% prefer texting for giving, 24% liked online forms, with 22% preferring mail and 19% liked in-person giving. Only 6% liked to give via the telephone.

Find out more about the differences in text givers versus more traditional donors in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/ykXOGB

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What Can Your Phone Do For You?


The "normal" shopping experience isn't very "normal" anymore, because of smart phones. Nielsen estimates that by the 2011 holidays, 50% of the US will own a Smartphone.

Mobile shopping is a $2.2 billion industry and has plenty of room for growth. However, mobile shopping has its limits. Shoppers still "go retail" when purchasing large ticket items such as appliances.

How do you know if your business should go mobile? Read this HUB article by William Rosen of ARC Worldwide to see if the "app" applies to your company http://bit.ly/gahfzL

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How-To Social Media


With so many social marketing venues available at the fingertips of any marketer, social media campaigns come and go. But, essential to any media campaign are objectives and strategy.

Without a clear picture of the desired results, can social media campaigns really benefit your company? Radio Sales Today reports on a four-phase model written by Tom Pick of KC Associates, to guide anyone into adapting a social media plan for their business.

See if your organization is on the right track with social media at http://bit.ly/dJ1j2x

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Black Friday Goes Green


The numbers are in for Friday, November 26th and it's good news! Americans are opening their wallets.

Coremetrics Black Friday Report for 2010 shows an increase in online spending (up 15.9% from 2009) and an increase in the dollar amount spent (an increase of 12.1%). Department store websites are getting more attention with consumers spending an average of 17.7% more time browsing retail sites. Also noted is the increasing number of purchases made through mobile devices.

This benchmark report gives a general overlook at U.S. retail online spending for the day, and also specific areas such as jewelry, apparel and sports gear. Download the report at http://bit.ly/fRCYk8

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