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Christians Clinging to their Radios


It’s time for some good news and I’m happy to share it.  Listeners love their Christian music formatted radio stations, and they like to share the love.  Jacobs Media shared data from their recent Techsurvey9 with great takeaways about Christian Music Format listeners, which included:

  • Christian Music Format listeners embrace smartphones and tablets
  • Christian Music Format listeners are more “social” than any other format group and more apt to “like” their station on Facebook
  • Christian Music Format listeners are involved with Twitter and/or Pinterest
  • Christian Music Format listeners spend more time with their Christian music station, and they are less likely to listen to Pandora or Sirius XM
  • Christian Music Format listeners listen to “get in a better mood” and are motivated to listen for their “favorite songs”
  • Christian Music Format listeners are likely to stream their radio at least once per week

Jacobs surveyed over 9,400 Christian Music Format listeners to do their research.  If you need to read some good news, check out this Friday Morning Quarterback article http://www.fmqb.com/article.asp?id=2654056

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Americans Visit Church On the Web


Almost one-quarter of Americans visited the website of a place of worship within the past six months--and it’s not necessarily their own church’s website.

Survey respondents were separated into three groups: those regularly attending church, those who attend another church and those who do not regularly attend any service. Grey Matter Research and Consulting found the most common reason people seek out a church website was to check worship times or other activity times.

The church’s religious beliefs, prayer requests and downloading a podcast were other reasons for web visits. The Non-Profit Times reports on why worshippers are on the web http://bit.ly/UwQep3

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Faith of Our Fathers Living Now


In American society today, freedom of religion is expected. What is surprising is with this freedom, some Americans are choosing the faith of their youth.

More than fifty percent of American adults have switched religions at least once. Of that group, 9% have become reverts…people reverting back to the faith of their childhood. Catholics, Jewish Synagogues and even Southern Baptist are creating special programs to help transition reverts back into the faith.

The question remains, will they stay? USA Today reports on those faiths reclaiming the reverts http://usat.ly/IuZmjC

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Attracting Boomers and Mature Adults


Religious Radio (teaching and talk formats) serves more than 8 million listeners through 929 stations nationwide. For marketers, the Religious Radio audience is quite attractive.

  1. Adults 45+ make up the bulk of this audience (71%)
  2. More women tuning in than men (a 6:4 margin)
  3. Most listening occurs at home
  4. Strongest listening from 6am - 7pm

Of the 23 formats that Arbitron tracked in its study, Religions Radio had the fourth highest listenership of African Americans and was in the top ten among Hispanic listeners.

Find out more about the Religious Radio format in the Radio Today 2011 study http://bit.ly/pDdCcj

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CCM Listeners: Family Activities are Priority


Contemporary Christian Music listeners engage in family-driven activities more often than the average American.

For instance, CCM listeners are more likely to enjoy these activities more than the average American:

  • Swimming
  • Photography
  • Jogging
  • Biking
  • Camping
  • Bowling
  • Sewing

The CCM audience is more likely than listeners of any other format to do volunteer work (40% more likely). These listeners also visited radio station websites and listened to radio online more than the average listener.

Find out more about connecting with millions of Contemporary Christian Music listeners at http://bit.ly/pDdCcj.  

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CCM Listeners: Smart and a Smart Buy


Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) listeners are the smartest radio listeners around according to Arbitron's Radio Today 2011 report.

More than 70% of CCM adult listeners have attended or graduated from college...and almost one third have earned a degree. Not only are CCM listeners smart and value a good education, but well over 50% earn $50,000 or more per year (over 30% earn above $75,000 per year).

CCM formatted stations share some of the longest Time Spent Listening (TSL) of radio formats, ranking fourth in adults 18-34 and 25-54. Learn more about these smart, long listening, wage earning listeners from the Radio Today 2011 report http://bit.ly/pDdCcj

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Even More Consumers Come to CCM Radio


Contemporary Christian Music radio is attracting even more consumers than before. Over 18 million consumers nationwide were tuned in to over 770 CCM formatted stations.

Radio Today 2011 by Arbitron reports this is the third year in a row that the CCM format has increased in audience, growing in every daypart. Women continue to account for the largest part of listening audience (62%).

The 2011 report also notes that CCM is the broadest based format appealing to audiences of every age from 12 to 64 years old. And, 62% of the audience is between the ages of 25 and 54.

Find out more about the loyal CCM listeners in this Radio Today 2011 Report http://bit.ly/rr3HAr

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Big Apple, Big Faith


With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 quickly approaching, many have their eyes on the epicenter of the attack, New York City. The huge influx of worshippers immediately after the attacks made the nightly news, but what has happened since?

Barna Group found the religious behavior short-lived. However, in the long run, the faith of New York residents has been steadily growing.

Comparing church attendance, Bible reading and active faith, Barna found an overall increase in all three areas in the past fourteen years among New York residents. Could the Bible Belt extend to New York? Find out in this Barna report http://bit.ly/qThBPR

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Contemporary Christian Radio: More Stations Than Pop, Rock and Urban


The formats are different, but the goal is the same...to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the masses through black gospel music, contemporary Christian music, gospel music or teaching programs.

Inside Radio published their monthly chart on radio formats for April. There are more Contemporary Christian music (CCM) stations in American than just about any other radio format. CCM is outnumbered only by country stations, news/talk and religious (teaching) formatted stations.

And, of the 991 CCM stations a majority are non-com stations (825 non-coms to 166 commercial). Check out the numbers in this Inside Radio chart http://bit.ly/mTeM3K

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Education vs. Religion: At Odds?


Do the well educated tend to be at odds with "religion"?

This has been a commonly held belief, but not necessarily factual. A 2008 survey conducted by Barry Kosmin reveals that the well educated are not so different from the masses in the United States.

The hypothesis of this study is that advanced education has now become so common place that the distinction of having a higher degree and social situation fades.  The slides and essay contained in this ARIS report shed light on the beliefs of educated Americans http://bit.ly/eQl6y4

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