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Moms Leading Social With Mobile


Moms use mobile social media more than any other group. Comparing her to the general public, mom (with at least one child under 18) is more likely to use mobile apps for the internet, banking and shopping.

Moms are now on target to be the first group that uses the mobile phone or tablet more often than the computer to access social sites.

The number of moms that own a smartphone has increased to 61%. The moms surveyed by Arbitron and Edison reported visits to social sites many times throughout the day, but not for long periods of time.

Marketers may need to rethink their strategies for reaching the fast paced mobile moms of today. Take a quick read of this e-Marketer article http://bit.ly/OZt0o8

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Plan for the Bad Buzz


Social media isn’t always pretty. Social sites have become the “go to” place for venting about poor customer service and negative experiences. In fact, venting about poor service is one of the top reasons customers seek out social media.

Wise companies have a plan in place to deal with negative situations. eMarketer reports that only 49% of companies worldwide track and follow up on social customer feedback.

See the need to combat negative buzz in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/SEYmzd

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Moms Make Media Social


Moms, more than the general population, gravitate to social media (80% vs. 55%). Moms, in this instance, are defined as any female over age 18, with a child 18 years old or younger in the home.

Why does social media have such pull with this group? Because moms, especially first-timers, must access and learn a lot of information quickly, and the internet meets that need. Moms then make purchases based on product reviews and their friend’s opinions.

Find out what types of social media marketers must employ to reach the moms of America in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/MmLVHX

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The Digital Natives Are Restless


Digital Natives (those who grew up with mobile technology) switch media platforms every other minute (about 27 times per hour). Because of their use of multiple media platforms, they have less emotional engagement than Digital Immigrants (those introduced to mobile technology in their adult lives).

Digital Natives prefer texting people rather than talking with them (54%), whereas only 28% of Digital Immigrants prefer texting. Digital Natives take their mobile devises throughout the house with them (65%) and are rarely far from their smartphones.

Read more about the differences between the Digital Natives and Immigrants in this Time Inc. study http://bit.ly/L7rD3Q

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Social Media Doesn't Yet Measure Up


Measuring the return on investment of a social campaign cannot always be done through traditional means such as click through rates.

Olivier Blanchard, author of Social Media ROI notes “There’s no way to actually calculate the relationship between a dollar investment in a particular activity and the number of likes”.

Media-equivalency equations don’t give a true measure of social media value. There are other areas to consider such as purchase-decisions influence, recommendations and building trust.

Read this Ad Age article to see what marketers should consider when dealing with social media success http://bit.ly/IT05fM

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Media Mix: Digital and Radio Blend


Time spent with media continues to increase, and radio remains a big part of the mix. Arbitron and Edison Research released their latest findings from their Infinite Dial 2012: Navigating Digital Platforms study.
Important highlights include:

  • Forty-four percent of Americans over age 12 own a smartphone

  • The heaviest social media users are those 12-24 years old

  • Heavy internet use correlates to heavy radio use and employment

Find out more about America’s media habits in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/I041fE

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Facebook and Family Friending


Answer truthfully…which family member uses more social media?

New studies show that new dads frequent social media much like new moms do. New dads (defined as a dad whose oldest child is age 2 or younger) post family status updates, family photos and videos.

Of the millennial generation, dads outpaced moms with more online friends (dads averaged 96 friends vs. moms averaged 70 friends).

Marketers should take note that 25% of dads are following brands via social networks. eMarketer reports on the survey by Edelman and The Parenting Group http://bit.ly/HQEzJS

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Social Brings Different Donors


Non-profits increasingly use social media to attract donors, but what kind of donor does social media attract?

Social media provides outlets for non-profits to reach more people in a cost-efficient way. Now, non-profits see that the face of the average donor is changing. Philanthropy is now being embraced by younger individuals with smaller gifts.

Donations are not the only objective for non-profits using social media as a vehicle. Engaging, informing and increasing awareness of the public through social is commonplace for many NPOs.

Financial Times reports on the new face of non-profit donors http://on.ft.com/GBek9p

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Radio Makes Cricket Sing


We all know that social media reaches millions of potential consumers each day. The remaining question is "How to effectively use social to reach these countless millions?"

Radio is the answer. Cricket Communications combined social media with radio and came out singing. Cricket found that radio drives people to take action through their Wallet Drop campaign.

Cricket placed wallets containing prizes ranging from free phones to money in pre-determined retail stores. Radio personalities talked on-air about the giveaways and also gave out clues using their social media sites.

Positive results for Cricket included increased numbers of followers on Twitter and Facebook and an increase of foot traffic in retail stores. Read how this combination promotion struck a chord with Cricket http://bit.ly/zOeVik

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Pinning the Future on Social Media


Barely over a year old, Pinterest logged more than 7 million unique visitors in December 2011. Could it be a good fit for your business? Yes, especially if your company has visually interesting products.

However, Pinterest, like other social media channels is about being “social”, so widening your scope to include other information than just your products is beneficial.

For example, Samuel Gordon Jewelers in Oklahoma City places pictures of rings and watches on the site, but also “pins” funny images and other products the jeweler loves.

Read this Entrepreneur article to find out if Pinterest is good for your business http://bit.ly/Ao3jDK

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