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True Blue Loyalty

JetBlue’s loyalty program “TrueBlue Giving” is about more than accumulating points. December 10 through the 17, the airline is allowing customers to donate their points to 2.5 million causes in JetBlue’s True Giving database.

Fliers can even designate which category the funds are allocated to such as development, training and advocacy.

Receipts from the donations will be generated through Kula Causes, an online giving platform.

In November, JetBlue customers donated more the $835,000 to help in the relief efforts associated with Hurricane Sandy. RAB’s Radio Sales Today reports on turning customers into donors http://bit.ly/VQhXl4

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X and Y, More Than Chromosomes

There is a remarkable difference in advertising that moves Gen X and Gen Y.

Gen X (those born between 1965 and 1982) prefers advertising that is more realistic, safe and calm.

Gen Y (those born between 1982 and 2000) prefers advertising that is more energetic (think extreme sports).

Nielsen also found that Gen X females find sentimental advertising more appealing, while Gen X men find advertising themes with football and cars more appealing. Marketing Daily reports on the differences in the generations and the chromosomes http://bit.ly/T4w3L0

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Jeff Connell: In Sandy's WAY

WAY-FM’s mid-day host, Jeff Connell, has left his creature comforts to broadcast from areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Jeff will be working alongside Samaritan’s Purse as they summarize the damage of the storm and help with the recovery efforts. “…our hope is to bring people outside that area a little closer to the real stories, and to emphasize the needs now…” said Connell.

Connell also noted “It almost seems like this storm has been mentally downgraded by the rest of the nation. The damage and the total number of people affected are likely to be larger than Katrina, yet the nation seems to have moved on to other concerns.”

Jeff will continue hosting his midday show while in New York and New Jersey. You can find Jeff’s Facebook page and other information about his trip at this WAY-FM link http://bit.ly/RdEnrc

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Radio: The Medium of Hurricane Sandy

This past week listeners found that radio is the perfect companion during a natural disaster. TV, the web and Facebook give you great information--until the power goes out.

Radio is portable and battery-powered. “Radio is immediately accessible, with or without power, and by people of any age or income level” said Laura Howe, VP of Public Relations for the American Red Cross.

During Hurricane Sandy, radio broadcasters on the east coast hunkered down with sleeping bags and generators in order to serve listeners with important alerts and critical lifeline information. Ad Age reports on the necessity of radio during Hurricane Sandy http://bit.ly/SRXgm2

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Tablets: Not A Hard Pill to Swallow

Longing for the days of reading an article in a magazine or newspaper? Try reaching for your tablet. Tablet users now access magazines and newspapers regularly.

Roughly one-third of tablet users read newspapers and even more read magazines via their tablet. Reports show that men use their tablets for newspaper and magazine reading, but women are trending up in their tablet use.

Most tablet users were anywhere from 18 to 44 years old. Income also played a part of this research, as the household grew, more tablet use was observed.

Tablets just might be the booster shot that print media needs. Read the e-Marketer story on tablet use http://bit.ly/RDla3B

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The Rich Keep on Giving

Almost all American high net worth households gave to charity in 2011. These are households with a net worth of $1 million or more, or, an annual household income of $200,000.

Ninety-five percent of these household gave to charity. These wealthy individuals gave about 9% of their annual income; however, the average dollar amount has declined since 2009.

The new 2012 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy revealed these findings recently. Researches cited “an uncertain financial climate” as one cause for the decline in giving.

While monetary giving is slightly down, the wealthy are giving more of their time to charitable causes. Educational organizations received a greater share of charitable giving, followed by basic needs organizations, the arts, health charities and religious organizations. Read more about the mind-set of the high net worth donor in this Non-profit Times article http://bit.ly/SRQbSv

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Radio Continues to Win Among Media

Radio is thriving with strong ties to audiences in spite of digital competition.

Alan Burns & Associates and Triton Digital surveyed over 40,000 people about their use of radio and other media. The most listened to format was:

  • Music (74.2%)

  • News/Talk (19%)

  • Sports (12.8%)

Of those surveyed, 73.8% listened to AM/FM radio on a daily basis. Radio ranked highest for:

  • Keeping you company

  • Comforting you

  • Helping youhave a good time

  • Helping you relax

  • Energizing you

  • Improving your mood

This 100 page report gives more details on what marketers can expect with radio advertising and promotion: http://bit.ly/UxFAgO

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Online Giving Continues to Grow

Online fundraising is an integral part of any successful non-profit development plan. The trend for online giving is growing, too.

Consider these four reasons why you should expect online giving to grow:

  1. Online giving is increasing each and every year

  1. Online donors are younger and their average gift is about $100--a tough demographic for most non-profits to attract

  1. Small non-profits tend to do better with online fundraising

  1. As more giving shifts to online, a broad online strategy will continue to direct more donors to your 'donate now' button

The Non-Profit Times reports on why you should expect online giving to continue strong for non-profits: http://bit.ly/TQBTxD

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Moms Leading Social With Mobile

Moms use mobile social media more than any other group. Comparing her to the general public, mom (with at least one child under 18) is more likely to use mobile apps for the internet, banking and shopping.

Moms are now on target to be the first group that uses the mobile phone or tablet more often than the computer to access social sites.

The number of moms that own a smartphone has increased to 61%. The moms surveyed by Arbitron and Edison reported visits to social sites many times throughout the day, but not for long periods of time.

Marketers may need to rethink their strategies for reaching the fast paced mobile moms of today. Take a quick read of this e-Marketer article http://bit.ly/OZt0o8

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Religious Affiliation Diminishes

In the past five years, the percentage of American adults that claim no religious affiliation has grown from 15% to just fewer than 20%--an unprecedented decline in religious institutional commitment.

One-third of all adults under the age of 30 now consider themselves religiously unaffiliated, the largest percentage in the history of Pew Research polling.

Despite their un-affiliation, over 68% say they believe in God and more than a third classify themselves as spiritual, but not religious.

This growing group of “nones” is largely made up of white Protestants. Though American ranks as the most “religious” country, changes are on the horizon. Read this Pew Research report to see the other trends in Americans’ beliefs http://bit.ly/QSnHDq

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