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Radio Drives Shoppers to Retail

What medium reaches adults before they go shopping?


On average, radio reaches 31% of 25-54 year olds before the peak shopping period of 1-2pm.

Radio continues to show its strength in a recent study commissioned by Arbitron. Other study findings include radio’s placement as the second most used media platform among adults and its reach when combined with other media platforms like TV and the internet.

Read how radio continues to be a strong part of any marketing mix in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/OgO8Gc

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Grandparents Provide More Than Hugs

Grandparents are increasingly providing financial support and babysitting to their grandkids.

New studies find over half of grandparents are providing over 50 hours of child care per year to their grandchildren, and on average give financial support in excess of $8,000.

The better-educated grandparents show a higher likelihood of providing support. Marketers may want to rethink who they target for children’s advertising.

Read this USA Today article to get the facts http://bit.ly/SGD0mD

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Americans Visit Church On the Web

Almost one-quarter of Americans visited the website of a place of worship within the past six months--and it’s not necessarily their own church’s website.

Survey respondents were separated into three groups: those regularly attending church, those who attend another church and those who do not regularly attend any service. Grey Matter Research and Consulting found the most common reason people seek out a church website was to check worship times or other activity times.

The church’s religious beliefs, prayer requests and downloading a podcast were other reasons for web visits. The Non-Profit Times reports on why worshippers are on the web http://bit.ly/UwQep3

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Men Spend The Money In Mobile

Men are buying more with their mobile devices than women. Specifically, digital content is just one area where men outspend women using mobile.

Other areas where men use their purchasing power include electronics and movie/event tickets.

Women do have one area where they outspend men with mobile purchases…health and beauty items. Women are still king (or queen) with using mobile for coupons.

Read how gender influences mobile purchases in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/VBxiVC

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Radio and Total Recall

Want to reach your target audience and get better response? Plan on using internet platforms in conjunction to traditional radio.

The Radio Advertising Bureau released a new white paper on the multiplying effect of using radio with digital media which found that:

  • Ad recall improves dramatically when digital and radio are used together

  • There is increased brand preference and purchase behavior

  • Visits to brand websites are increased

While marketing dollars increasingly go toward new media, this white paper shows that adding internet radio and broadcast radio to the plan brings greater response. http://bit.ly/RdoTEn

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Dads Are The New Moms?

Traditional parenting roles are blurring and more dads are taking on household responsibilities than ever before. Dads are doing the grocery shopping, cooking and taking care of the kids.

Marketers would be wise to consider ways to influence dads to buy their products. eMarketer reports on how much dads are doing for the household and the best ways to reach them. Cone Communications found that in-store promotions and traditional outlets like radio and TV reach both dads and moms.

Read this e-Marketer article to find the best way to reach dads http://bit.ly/Q3p7dX

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Strong Year-End Starts Now

Fall has officially started and the mind begins to wander to the end of the year with all its festivities. If you work with a non-profit organization, the next few weeks can make or break the end of the calendar year.

Year-end giving contributes a substantial amount of donations for most non-profits. Are you ready?

Network for Good offers up five ways to get ready for the windfall of year-end giving in the following ways: make sure you can accept online donations, update your website before December, use email marketing to communicate to your donors, tell your story passionately, and always plan ahead.

Find out if you are ready for end year giving with the full article at http://bit.ly/UN0erw

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Stand Out, Brand Out

Every organization wants a recognizable logo for their brand--more so for non-profit organizations. Your logo reflects your organization. The Non-Profit Times has six suggestions for picking a logo for your brand to stand out. You should consider if the logo is:

  • Memorable – recallable and recognizable

  • Meaningful – informative and relevant to the audience

  • Likeable – visually and verbally appealing

  • Transferable – can it be used on new products or categories of the company?

  • Adaptable – adaptable for the future

  • Protectable – can it be legally protected or is it too generic?

Find out how each of these areas must be considered when selecting your logo in this article taken from “Marketing in the Public Sector” http://bit.ly/RSerEP

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Atlanta Rides for Wounded Warriors

With temperatures soaring over 100 degrees, brave motorcycle enthusiasts joined in the WVFJ (the Joy-FM, Atlanta) Wounded Warriors Motorcycle Ride.

The caravan of cycles spanned two miles and raised more than $6,000 for the Wounded Warriors. The round trip covered more than 240 miles.

One of the groups attending the ride was the Moo Cow Bikers, a group inspired by Truett and Dan Cathy (Chick-fil-A). This family fun event gives riders an opportunity to share their faith and raise funding for great causes like The Wounded Warriors.

Read about what Wounded Warriors is about http://bit.ly/RMPHLy

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But She Has a Great Personality

Radio listeners have more than just a passing fancy for their favorite air personalities. A new study finds that listeners feel they have a relationship with their on-air favorite(s).

The study conducted by the Annenberg School for Communications & Journalism found:

  • 75% of respondents purposefully turn on their radio when their favorite announcer is on the air

  • 72% talk to friends about the on-air announcer and what they heard on the air

  • 70% follow their favorite personalities via social media

  • 47% of respondents considered making purchases based on on-air personality recommendations

The findings underscore the loyalty and trust that listeners have with their favorite on-air personalities. Read more about this strong connections between listeners and their favorite announcers in this Katz Media article http://bit.ly/OsDdK2

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