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Dads Are The New Moms?


Traditional parenting roles are blurring and more dads are taking on household responsibilities than ever before. Dads are doing the grocery shopping, cooking and taking care of the kids.

Marketers would be wise to consider ways to influence dads to buy their products. eMarketer reports on how much dads are doing for the household and the best ways to reach them. Cone Communications found that in-store promotions and traditional outlets like radio and TV reach both dads and moms.

Read this e-Marketer article to find the best way to reach dads http://bit.ly/Q3p7dX

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Ears Stay Through Commercials


Radio keeps their audience, even during commercial breaks. That’s what a new study confirms.

The audience behavior study looks at audience behavior during commercial breaks in 48 top radio markets. Analyzing 18 million commercial breaks, 62 million minutes of commercials from 866 stations the report compares listening audiences from one minute before the commercial breaks begin compared to each minute a commercial break lasts.

Conducted by Arbitron, Media Monitors and Coleman Insights, the study found 97% of listeners stay tuned into radio during morning drive.

See the amazing steady numbers in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/wRCBeI

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The Domain Name Game


Starting January 12th (this Thursday), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will begin accepting applications for generic top-level domains, or gTLDs.

A gTLD is a domain name that carries the name of the company who owns it (for example Coke could have a gTLD of .coke, or Ford could own .ford). But top level names like Coke could cost upwards of $500,000 with application fees and technology costs.

Brands can register their trademark with ICANN, but will not be required to apply for and purchase the gTLD if it does not want to…providing brands a way to protect their trademark names. The application period for gTLDs will end April 12.

ICANN will publish every application it receives so that companies will be able to object to any gTLDs that might infringe on their trademarks. Find out more about gTLDs in this Ad Age article http://bit.ly/xz0zoc

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Mail Superhero


The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a new hero that might just help them get out of their budget woes. That cape wearing super hero is direct mail.

Outside sources cite that mail currently captures 12% of media advertising money. The USPS offers a new service called "Every Door Direct Mail" that allows marketers to send out mailings without specific names or addresses. With this new program, marketers can target specific geographic areas at a cost of 14.2 cents for each mail piece.

Could direct mail be your new hero? Find out in this Advertising Age article http://bit.ly/qNA7qN

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Do Daily Deals Deliver?


Research results on daily deals and their attraction is conflicting. The largest asset of a daily deal is customer acquisition. However, a large percentage of customers already loyal to the business also take advantage of the discounts.

Recent surveys found that no clear cut answers exist for daily deal deliverables. eMarketer reports on what businesses need to examine when considering a daily deal offering http://bit.ly/nX6qQn

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Gaming Your Brand To Win


Half of all internet users between ages 18 and 44 play at least one social game each day. These gamers (54% men and 46% women) play while "waiting"--sometimes even at the office.

The good news for marketers is that nearly 40% of gamers would like to find out more about a product through a gaming avenue. Game social challenge features provide an acceptable entry point for brands, especially if offering product discounts, loyalty program points or a social action.

See if gaming might be your company's way to get more brand recognition in this eMarketer article http://bit.ly/iEeDRH

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Gen Y, Gen Why and Gen How


With over 60 million Generation Y'ers (age 30 and under)--and the different media consumption patterns they demonstrate--marketers can have a tough time getting new prospective customers.

Comprised of the first full generation to grow up with computers, this group is organically tech-savvy.

How do you reach consumers of the Y generation?

Charlie Horsey, president/CEO of MKTG gives strategic rules for connecting with this generation in this Ad Age article http://bit.ly/moZds0

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Radio Wins the Listening Ear


Only 7% of Americans say they ignore ads they hear on the radio. By contrast, 63% of Americans block out the ads that are displayed on the internet.

The ad-disregarding group breaks down into 20% who ignore search ads and 43% who ignore banner ads.

Apparently, gender does not play into those who skip over internet advertising: 42% of men and 45% of women blocking out the advertising.

This Radio Sales Today story paints a bright picture for radio advertising: http://bit.ly/enDbKF

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Why Can't I Find You On Google?


Keeping your website on the forefront of Google, Bing or Yahoo is the pipeline for traffic. There are thousands of websites, and what good is it if your are on the last page of a search engine's listing?

There are things you can do to get your website front and center by the search engines (also known as SEO--search engine optimization). Listed in this article by NetWits Think Tank are ten (10) action items to get your website on the first page of a search. Help your website rankings with these essential tools http://bit.ly/hQu9Wk

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Engaging Social Media Models


Non-profits make social media work, yet many businesses miss the massive impact that non-profits are having with social media.

It's called engagement--and I'm not talking about a shiny ring on your left hand...I'm talking about reaching others on an emotional level.

But, how do you turn a distracted audience into interested active participants? The following two articles from McKinsey Quarterly and Ad Age give you the advantage that non-profits are currently using.

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