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The Internet: Breeding Activism or Slacktivism?


Internet users are volunteering at a greater rate than non-internet users (80% vs. 56%).

Not only do they belong to organizations, they give significantly more time and money, and take leadership roles more often. Recent events such as the revolutions in the Middle East and Africa were fed by young adults online.

A recent Pew study found that a large majority (over 80%) of social network users participate in a voluntary group. A World Vision study found that teens using social networks were more actively involved with charities. Get the full picture of users of social media outlets in this e-Marketer report http://bit.ly/hv24YE

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Social Media Surges From Business


Business continues to grow with social media, yet only about 25% of companies worldwide use of all four major social platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs are the four major platforms and 84% of companies use at least one of the social media providers.

As companies grow more comfortable with social media, they are building more than just a "presence" on these social sites.

Read this e-Marketer story to see how business social media use is growing http://bit.ly/fUTf2X

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How Competitive is Your Content?


In our mad dash to upload, post, link, twitter and blog, we sometimes take our actual content for granted. We forget that the world is reading me, my blogs, my company website.

Therein lies the rub. If your job responsibilities include posting to any type of social site, check the article "Honor Thy Content: The Five Commandments of Editorial Excellence".

Ken Gordon reminds us that there's strong competition for the eyes and ears of your prospects and clients, and engaging content wins the war.

Learn how you can polish your content in this Partner Community Forum article http://bit.ly/eyumSh

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