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Stand Out, Brand Out


Every organization wants a recognizable logo for their brand--more so for non-profit organizations. Your logo reflects your organization. The Non-Profit Times has six suggestions for picking a logo for your brand to stand out. You should consider if the logo is:

  • Memorable – recallable and recognizable

  • Meaningful – informative and relevant to the audience

  • Likeable – visually and verbally appealing

  • Transferable – can it be used on new products or categories of the company?

  • Adaptable – adaptable for the future

  • Protectable – can it be legally protected or is it too generic?

Find out how each of these areas must be considered when selecting your logo in this article taken from “Marketing in the Public Sector” http://bit.ly/RSerEP

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The Domain Name Game


Starting January 12th (this Thursday), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will begin accepting applications for generic top-level domains, or gTLDs.

A gTLD is a domain name that carries the name of the company who owns it (for example Coke could have a gTLD of .coke, or Ford could own .ford). But top level names like Coke could cost upwards of $500,000 with application fees and technology costs.

Brands can register their trademark with ICANN, but will not be required to apply for and purchase the gTLD if it does not want to…providing brands a way to protect their trademark names. The application period for gTLDs will end April 12.

ICANN will publish every application it receives so that companies will be able to object to any gTLDs that might infringe on their trademarks. Find out more about gTLDs in this Ad Age article http://bit.ly/xz0zoc

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Brand-Aid: Path for Growth


What's important in building a strong brand that customers buy--today?

Marketers may find themselves in a position to agree to disagree. Recently asked about "branding" today, marketers had mixed reactions, but most did agree that inspiration and engagement are of utmost importance in brand marketing.

The Branding Forward Project questioned 623 marketing professionals about branding, covering questions regarding ROI generation, marketing priorities and things that have impacted the marketer's world.

See if you agree or disagree with the findings in this MarketingProfs article http://bit.ly/sT5c8T

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Consumers Choose the Charitable Connection


You've seen those funny looking canvas shoes by Tom's (when one pair of shoes is bought, Tom's donates another pair to a kid in need). American consumers are increasingly motivated to buy products involved in a social cause.

But, consumers also keep an eye toward authenticity and a real caring attitude of the company, not just a marketing publicity promotion.

Companies that are "getting it right" include PepsiCo, Newman's Own and Nike. Radio Sales Today looks at ways companies are making sense with their charitable connections at http://bit.ly/n2uFa3

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Do Consumers Support Christian Brands and Businesses?


American consumers may not be as resistant to businesses of Christian faith as originally thought. Recent research finds that consumers who would support Christian businesses outnumbered those who would shun the brand.

Most American consumers reported they were indifferent to Christian based companies. This report sourced by Barna Research Group found that consumers in the Midwest and South were more interested in supporting Christian principled business.

The demographics of those most supportive of Christian businesses were women, Boomers (ages 46 to 64), Elders (aged 65+), married adults, parents of children under 18 years, political conservatives and Republicans. Find out more about this Barna Research in this Marketing Forecast article http://bit.ly/fR84ET

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New Rules of Loyalty


Generation X and Y consumers rely more on research and online opinion than habit or sentimental considerations for a brand.

Only 3% of those in the study reported to being loyal to a particular brand. With more information available via the web, consumers find the marketplace and products provide more choice options.

Men and women engage in research before making purchases. Consumer reviews of a product influence roughly 50% of consumers.

Learn about the new loyalty of consumers in this Radio Sales Today article, http://bit.ly/ft2d6Y

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The Easy Facebook Dance


With social media a marketer often feels like they have two left feet. So when an article with best practices comes along, we like to follow the foot prints of those who have gone before us.

Soap Creative (a digital agency) designed an easy to read, easy to implement guide for Facebook branding...and the artwork is fun, too! Read this Ad Age article along with the handy slide show to gain insights into adding some spark to your Facebook page http://bit.ly/fPSLdN

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Keeping Your Fans on the Bandwagon


For brands, Facebook and Twitter are great entry points to attract consumers, keeping them engaged is the next real challenge.

Consumers are most interested in deals, but they also expect brands to help in problem solving and receive customer feedback. Equally important is what consumers are not looking for...irrelevant content and too many messages.

eMarketer reports on a recent Cone Consumer New Media Study on the reasons why fans stay and leave brand social sites. Make sure your social media campaign keeps the potential consumer with this report at http://bit.ly/gVFqNz

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Being Heard or Only a Part of the Herd?


Technology provides us with so much data on potential consumers...but has technology made brands too much alike?

As brands add features, it can result in mediocrity, not uniqueness. Features should set a brand apart, not make it like all the others. This "contrarian" article from The HUB weighs in on the new marketing book Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd by marketing prof Youngme Moon.

What sets your brand apart and does it speak volumes? Find out at http://bit.ly/9WDdo3

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Social Media: The New Whisper Game?


Remember the child's game of "Whisper"? Someone started with a sentence and whispered it to their neighbor...by the time the message got to the last person, it wasn't even remotely like the original message.

Social Media (blogs in particular) continue the tradition of the whisper game. e-Marketer chronicles a new report that finds that message distortion creates huge problems for companies. Message distortion is less a problem in traditional media streams, but as blogging continues to grow, companies need to take advantage of their own content.

As companies release creative content over social networks, there is less chance of message distortion. Check out the full article at: http://bit.ly/cwBWqv

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