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Tablets: Not A Hard Pill to Swallow


Longing for the days of reading an article in a magazine or newspaper? Try reaching for your tablet. Tablet users now access magazines and newspapers regularly.

Roughly one-third of tablet users read newspapers and even more read magazines via their tablet. Reports show that men use their tablets for newspaper and magazine reading, but women are trending up in their tablet use.

Most tablet users were anywhere from 18 to 44 years old. Income also played a part of this research, as the household grew, more tablet use was observed.

Tablets just might be the booster shot that print media needs. Read the e-Marketer story on tablet use http://bit.ly/RDla3B

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Dads Are The New Moms?


Traditional parenting roles are blurring and more dads are taking on household responsibilities than ever before. Dads are doing the grocery shopping, cooking and taking care of the kids.

Marketers would be wise to consider ways to influence dads to buy their products. eMarketer reports on how much dads are doing for the household and the best ways to reach them. Cone Communications found that in-store promotions and traditional outlets like radio and TV reach both dads and moms.

Read this e-Marketer article to find the best way to reach dads http://bit.ly/Q3p7dX

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Radio: A Girl's Best Friend?


Women remain one of the constants of radio listenership--it’s just that the listening vehicle has changed.

More women are listening to radio via their smart phone or through online streaming. Compared to 2011, the women of 2012 have increased their radio listening time, and their time using social media.

Alan Burns & Associates recently studied women, radio and new media and developed a slide deck on their report. Music selection plays a huge role in the listening habits of these women. And over half of the women interviewed stated that their favorite station is “a good friend or companion.”

Find out more about the relationship between women and radio in this Here She Comes 2012 report http://bit.ly/MFF9rY

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Plan for the Bad Buzz


Social media isn’t always pretty. Social sites have become the “go to” place for venting about poor customer service and negative experiences. In fact, venting about poor service is one of the top reasons customers seek out social media.

Wise companies have a plan in place to deal with negative situations. eMarketer reports that only 49% of companies worldwide track and follow up on social customer feedback.

See the need to combat negative buzz in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/SEYmzd

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Charitable Giving Marks Slow Growth


Charitable giving grew only 0.9% last year. At this rate, it is estimated that it will be a decade until giving matches that of 2007.

Relief charities were the only organizations that saw significant increases, followed by environmental causes.

Due to the decline in membership numbers, American churches, synagogues and mosques saw a 5% drop in donations.

Giving USA released their study on the $298.4 billion that charities received in 2011. Read their observations in this Chronicle of Philanthropy article http://bit.ly/KKqsZ3

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Moms Make Media Social


Moms, more than the general population, gravitate to social media (80% vs. 55%). Moms, in this instance, are defined as any female over age 18, with a child 18 years old or younger in the home.

Why does social media have such pull with this group? Because moms, especially first-timers, must access and learn a lot of information quickly, and the internet meets that need. Moms then make purchases based on product reviews and their friend’s opinions.

Find out what types of social media marketers must employ to reach the moms of America in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/MmLVHX

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The Digital Natives Are Restless


Digital Natives (those who grew up with mobile technology) switch media platforms every other minute (about 27 times per hour). Because of their use of multiple media platforms, they have less emotional engagement than Digital Immigrants (those introduced to mobile technology in their adult lives).

Digital Natives prefer texting people rather than talking with them (54%), whereas only 28% of Digital Immigrants prefer texting. Digital Natives take their mobile devises throughout the house with them (65%) and are rarely far from their smartphones.

Read more about the differences between the Digital Natives and Immigrants in this Time Inc. study http://bit.ly/L7rD3Q

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Still, Moms Choose Traditional Media


Almost nine out of ten (86%) of moms listened to AM/FM radio last week. Recent research shows that while moms embrace social media, especially with smart phones, they continue to use traditional forms of media like radio.

Moms like to multitask and radio helps them accomplish that. Almost half (45%) of moms listen to radio while at work, and 66% of those tune in on a regular basis. Radio also reaches moms during critical times of the day (like prior to shopping).

Get the facts about today’s mom from this Arbitron and Edison Research study slideshow http://bit.ly/J6snGt

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Train Up a Child In the Way They Should Phone


Moms are sharing their smartphones and other technologies with their kids, some as young as one year old.

Moms use gadgets such as smartphones to keep their kids quiet and engaged. During car travel, DVD players and Nintendo DS have highest use, followed by smartphones. Moms now load up their phones with games and music selections specifically for their kids.

Marketers should keep in mind that moms don’t mind their kids dabbling in digital technology, but keeping the kids safe while engaged is still mom’s number one priority. eMarketer reports on this new babysitter http://bit.ly/L3iwfW

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Facebook and Family Friending


Answer truthfully…which family member uses more social media?

New studies show that new dads frequent social media much like new moms do. New dads (defined as a dad whose oldest child is age 2 or younger) post family status updates, family photos and videos.

Of the millennial generation, dads outpaced moms with more online friends (dads averaged 96 friends vs. moms averaged 70 friends).

Marketers should take note that 25% of dads are following brands via social networks. eMarketer reports on the survey by Edelman and The Parenting Group http://bit.ly/HQEzJS

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