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Does Like Equal Loyal?


In the past six months, 59% of Facebook users have “liked” a brand or company page. But what does that really mean?

The meaning is vastly different for the consumer and the marketer. Consumers’ expectations for “liking” brands are mainly to receive exclusive offers or to interact with others and share an experience.

Marketers believe that “liking” is linked to loyalty. Foods, TV shows, music, movies and clothing receive most Facebook likes.

Find out if there is a link between “likes” and loyalty in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/zNjqjI

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Turning a Facebook Like into Customer Loyalty


Has your company been collecting the thumbs-up or "likes" on Facebook? The question now is how to turn those likes into purchasing loyalty?

Research shows that those who click on the "like" button are more likely to purchase, recommend, or share the brand's content, but a like does not mean commitment. Using tools like page posts on Facebook and coupons can help to turn a like into a loyal consumer.

Debra Aho Williamson brings some marketing wisdom in this Ad Age article. http://bit.ly/jSgGV7

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The Internet: Breeding Activism or Slacktivism?


Internet users are volunteering at a greater rate than non-internet users (80% vs. 56%).

Not only do they belong to organizations, they give significantly more time and money, and take leadership roles more often. Recent events such as the revolutions in the Middle East and Africa were fed by young adults online.

A recent Pew study found that a large majority (over 80%) of social network users participate in a voluntary group. A World Vision study found that teens using social networks were more actively involved with charities. Get the full picture of users of social media outlets in this e-Marketer report http://bit.ly/hv24YE

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Social vs. Online for Women


Engaging women with social media is every marketer's dream, but trying to find the female market is a marketer's nightmare!

Women regularly use social media like Facebook to reach out to friends and family, however, their vehicle of choice for getting information on brands may prove surprising. iVillage and Burke Research recently collaborated on research regarding where women go for brand information, advice and insight...and the winner is online communities designed for women (like iVillage). Why? Women feel that these online communities are more trustworthy on brand information, and more understanding of women's needs.

Find out more about how women view social networks vs. online communities in this emarkter article http://bit.ly/h3eEgl

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How-To Social Media


With so many social marketing venues available at the fingertips of any marketer, social media campaigns come and go. But, essential to any media campaign are objectives and strategy.

Without a clear picture of the desired results, can social media campaigns really benefit your company? Radio Sales Today reports on a four-phase model written by Tom Pick of KC Associates, to guide anyone into adapting a social media plan for their business.

See if your organization is on the right track with social media at http://bit.ly/dJ1j2x

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How Competitive is Your Content?


In our mad dash to upload, post, link, twitter and blog, we sometimes take our actual content for granted. We forget that the world is reading me, my blogs, my company website.

Therein lies the rub. If your job responsibilities include posting to any type of social site, check the article "Honor Thy Content: The Five Commandments of Editorial Excellence".

Ken Gordon reminds us that there's strong competition for the eyes and ears of your prospects and clients, and engaging content wins the war.

Learn how you can polish your content in this Partner Community Forum article http://bit.ly/eyumSh

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The Easy Facebook Dance


With social media a marketer often feels like they have two left feet. So when an article with best practices comes along, we like to follow the foot prints of those who have gone before us.

Soap Creative (a digital agency) designed an easy to read, easy to implement guide for Facebook branding...and the artwork is fun, too! Read this Ad Age article along with the handy slide show to gain insights into adding some spark to your Facebook page http://bit.ly/fPSLdN

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How Influential is Social Media?


Just how many holiday shoppers visited the top 40 internet retailers' websites because of a social media channel? Only 5% according to a recent survey.

Surveyed shoppers placed website experience as more important than price. And, it appears that online customer's have higher expectations for their online experience.

Overall customer satisfaction with online transactions dipped one point lower than last year's score. Look to find out which online retailers lead in consumer satisfaction in this clickz article http://bit.ly/fF2RcR

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Keeping Your Fans on the Bandwagon


For brands, Facebook and Twitter are great entry points to attract consumers, keeping them engaged is the next real challenge.

Consumers are most interested in deals, but they also expect brands to help in problem solving and receive customer feedback. Equally important is what consumers are not looking for...irrelevant content and too many messages.

eMarketer reports on a recent Cone Consumer New Media Study on the reasons why fans stay and leave brand social sites. Make sure your social media campaign keeps the potential consumer with this report at http://bit.ly/gVFqNz

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Email Wins over Other Social Media


Email is still the preferred vehicle for sharing content online (especially for consumers over the age of 35). More than half of all referrals through the "Tell-a-Friend" widget used email to share content.

"But", cries the marketer, "we get more click throughs on Facebook and Twitter!" True, but the secret lies in the fact that emails sent through the "Tell-a-Friend" widget include the full message, so there is no need for the recipient to do a click through.

Email also leads to more engagement, more pages viewed and more conversions. This recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey backs up an August study conducted by Social Twist with the same results. Check out this eMarketer article for the facts http://bit.ly/9Da3Th

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