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Mark Twain and the Death of Direct Mail


The oft quoted remark by Mark Twain (“The news of my death is exaggerated”) makes me think of others who have been pre-maturely pushed into the grave.  Obits for God and AM/FM Radio come to mind.   As the pundits are quick to put another nail in another coffin, research may resurrect the old standby - direct mail.

Direct mail has the highest ROI (return on investment) for B2B and for non-profits according to this Forbes article http://www.forbes.com/sites/marketshare/2012/03/11/direct-mail-alive-and-kicking/2/.   The NonProfit Times also highlights recent information released in the “DMA 2013 Statistical Fact Book” that direct mail will continue to be a driving force in business and non-profit marketing http://www.thenonprofittimes.com/news-articles/rumors-of-direct-mails-death-greatly-exaggerated/.  Direct mail has not gasped its last breath and the fat lady will just have to find somewhere else to sing.

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X and Y, More Than Chromosomes


There is a remarkable difference in advertising that moves Gen X and Gen Y.

Gen X (those born between 1965 and 1982) prefers advertising that is more realistic, safe and calm.

Gen Y (those born between 1982 and 2000) prefers advertising that is more energetic (think extreme sports).

Nielsen also found that Gen X females find sentimental advertising more appealing, while Gen X men find advertising themes with football and cars more appealing. Marketing Daily reports on the differences in the generations and the chromosomes http://bit.ly/T4w3L0

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Men Spend The Money In Mobile


Men are buying more with their mobile devices than women. Specifically, digital content is just one area where men outspend women using mobile.

Other areas where men use their purchasing power include electronics and movie/event tickets.

Women do have one area where they outspend men with mobile purchases…health and beauty items. Women are still king (or queen) with using mobile for coupons.

Read how gender influences mobile purchases in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/VBxiVC

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Radio and Total Recall


Want to reach your target audience and get better response? Plan on using internet platforms in conjunction to traditional radio.

The Radio Advertising Bureau released a new white paper on the multiplying effect of using radio with digital media which found that:

  • Ad recall improves dramatically when digital and radio are used together

  • There is increased brand preference and purchase behavior

  • Visits to brand websites are increased

While marketing dollars increasingly go toward new media, this white paper shows that adding internet radio and broadcast radio to the plan brings greater response. http://bit.ly/RdoTEn

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Dads Are The New Moms?


Traditional parenting roles are blurring and more dads are taking on household responsibilities than ever before. Dads are doing the grocery shopping, cooking and taking care of the kids.

Marketers would be wise to consider ways to influence dads to buy their products. eMarketer reports on how much dads are doing for the household and the best ways to reach them. Cone Communications found that in-store promotions and traditional outlets like radio and TV reach both dads and moms.

Read this e-Marketer article to find the best way to reach dads http://bit.ly/Q3p7dX

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Stand Out, Brand Out


Every organization wants a recognizable logo for their brand--more so for non-profit organizations. Your logo reflects your organization. The Non-Profit Times has six suggestions for picking a logo for your brand to stand out. You should consider if the logo is:

  • Memorable – recallable and recognizable

  • Meaningful – informative and relevant to the audience

  • Likeable – visually and verbally appealing

  • Transferable – can it be used on new products or categories of the company?

  • Adaptable – adaptable for the future

  • Protectable – can it be legally protected or is it too generic?

Find out how each of these areas must be considered when selecting your logo in this article taken from “Marketing in the Public Sector” http://bit.ly/RSerEP

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Local Marketing Wins Greater ROI


National marketing may cut a high profile, but local market gets greater results. A majority (88%) of national brands allocate some budget to local markets. However, these brands expect a greater return on investment (ROI) on local dollars than national dollars.

Over half (63%) expected a 1.5 to 3 times return on their local advertising investment. Local marketing automation provider Balihoo studied what national brands are expecting from local market investments.

Read the great expectations in this eMarketer article http://bit.ly/LmVKCB

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Motivating Moms and Moving Merchandise


Capturing the mom-market, often referred to as the buying power of America, remains extremely important to product and service providers. The easiest way to get your brand preferred by moms is to offer some type of incentive like a coupon or discount.

lucid marketing reports that 66% of moms would be more likely to prefer a brand to others if offered an incentive. Moms are more apt than the general population to cash in on coupons, deals or product samples. E-Marketer reports on how incentives can drive the mom-population to your products http://bit.ly/luBoyS

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Social Media Doesn't Yet Measure Up


Measuring the return on investment of a social campaign cannot always be done through traditional means such as click through rates.

Olivier Blanchard, author of Social Media ROI notes “There’s no way to actually calculate the relationship between a dollar investment in a particular activity and the number of likes”.

Media-equivalency equations don’t give a true measure of social media value. There are other areas to consider such as purchase-decisions influence, recommendations and building trust.

Read this Ad Age article to see what marketers should consider when dealing with social media success http://bit.ly/IT05fM

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Lux Spending Highlights Gender Spenders


Demand for luxury items has recently increased by double digits. With this increase comes a change in the shopping habits of both sexes. Men are shopping like women, and vice-versa.

One of the notable changes is with Ferrari. North American women constituted 1% of the market for the luxury automobile, but now, 10% of Ferrari owners are women in North America.

Men are increasingly trading up in brands in areas like designer shoes and leather accessories. Indulge in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/Hdc7no

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