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Predicting the Giving of 2013


A new forecasting service for non-profits advises that fund-raising will rise minimally in 2013…perhaps only a 1.6% increase from 2012.  Reasons cited for the less than impressive forecast?  The unemployment rate will remain unchanged, a rise in the cost of health insurance, and the 2% increase in payroll tax will keep giving down.  Atlas of Giving, a forecaster of fund-raising, uses algorithms to estimate giving including data such as joblessness, election results and consumer confidence.  Giving for 2012 was up 6.7%, largely due to large gifts from the very rich, and a strong stock market.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on the gloomy forecast for 2013 http://philanthropy.com/blogs/prospecting/giving-will-barely-rise-in-2013-forecast-predicts/37801?cid=pw&utm_source=pw&utm_medium=en

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Boomers Fly Into Golden Years


Baby boomers are coming of age. Over the next 19 years more than 11,000 will turn 65 each day of each year.

Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are loading their suitcases and hitting the road, planes, boats and trains. Boomers have a younger attitude and are more physically active than previous generations and do not consider themselves as "seniors."

Travel is a hot ticket with this group, especially trips that highlight a foodie adventure (vacations planned around a dining experience).

Currently there are 77 million boomers in the US. The boomer travelers are connected (99% have internet access) and are more likely to book trips using their computers. Read Radio Sales Today report on the Travel Weekly article to find out how to tap into this wanderlust group http://bit.ly/g20j3B

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Black Friday Goes Green


The numbers are in for Friday, November 26th and it's good news! Americans are opening their wallets.

Coremetrics Black Friday Report for 2010 shows an increase in online spending (up 15.9% from 2009) and an increase in the dollar amount spent (an increase of 12.1%). Department store websites are getting more attention with consumers spending an average of 17.7% more time browsing retail sites. Also noted is the increasing number of purchases made through mobile devices.

This benchmark report gives a general overlook at U.S. retail online spending for the day, and also specific areas such as jewelry, apparel and sports gear. Download the report at http://bit.ly/fRCYk8

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Where the Babes Are


Marketers need to find more consumers for their products--that's our job. Most consider the fastest growing metro areas found in states such as California, Florida and Texas. But you might be surprised which states complete the fastest growing markets...North and South Carolina and Utah.

Even more surprising, Utah stands out as a state with a larger number of married households, families and moms giving birth. Statistics can be fun, even for the non-geeky! Ponder these interesting growth stats in this Ad Age article http://bit.ly/aT0o3K

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