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Mom Always Liked You Best


It’s hard being second fiddle, the third wheel, the last picked for the team, especially if you’re a charitable organization. Non-profits can, and should, endeavor to be the top choice of their donors. Most donors give to more than one non-profit organization, but there usually is one special organization that is rewarded with the lion’s share of the donations. Why? Because they may have more “emotional” pull than the other organizations. What are you to do if you can't tug at donor’s heartstrings? The NonProfit Times has some great ideas to help you become your donor’s numero uno. Some ideas may run quite contrary to what you “think” is the right way to work with your donors…such as asking donors to do more instead of less. Try implementing these ideas from Robin Fisk of Advanced Solutions International http://www.thenonprofittimes.com/management-tips/how-to-become-a-favorite-charity/

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