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Christians Clinging to their Radios


It’s time for some good news and I’m happy to share it.  Listeners love their Christian music formatted radio stations, and they like to share the love.  Jacobs Media shared data from their recent Techsurvey9 with great takeaways about Christian Music Format listeners, which included:

  • Christian Music Format listeners embrace smartphones and tablets
  • Christian Music Format listeners are more “social” than any other format group and more apt to “like” their station on Facebook
  • Christian Music Format listeners are involved with Twitter and/or Pinterest
  • Christian Music Format listeners spend more time with their Christian music station, and they are less likely to listen to Pandora or Sirius XM
  • Christian Music Format listeners listen to “get in a better mood” and are motivated to listen for their “favorite songs”
  • Christian Music Format listeners are likely to stream their radio at least once per week

Jacobs surveyed over 9,400 Christian Music Format listeners to do their research.  If you need to read some good news, check out this Friday Morning Quarterback article http://www.fmqb.com/article.asp?id=2654056

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My Station is Like Me!


Most radio listeners prefer to listen to a radio station that they can relate to. However, Christian listeners also like to have an on-air personality that they can look up to.

Mark Kassof & Co. recently researched how listeners perceive their favorite station and on-air personalities. Kassof research proves listeners of Christian stations truly “love” their station.

Make sure you scroll down through the article to see the words that Christian station listeners attribute to their station (things like caring, cheerful, friendly, positive…) http://bit.ly/URJVui

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Jeff Connell: In Sandy's WAY


WAY-FM’s mid-day host, Jeff Connell, has left his creature comforts to broadcast from areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Jeff will be working alongside Samaritan’s Purse as they summarize the damage of the storm and help with the recovery efforts. “…our hope is to bring people outside that area a little closer to the real stories, and to emphasize the needs now…” said Connell.

Connell also noted “It almost seems like this storm has been mentally downgraded by the rest of the nation. The damage and the total number of people affected are likely to be larger than Katrina, yet the nation seems to have moved on to other concerns.”

Jeff will continue hosting his midday show while in New York and New Jersey. You can find Jeff’s Facebook page and other information about his trip at this WAY-FM link http://bit.ly/RdEnrc

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Radio: The Medium of Hurricane Sandy


This past week listeners found that radio is the perfect companion during a natural disaster. TV, the web and Facebook give you great information--until the power goes out.

Radio is portable and battery-powered. “Radio is immediately accessible, with or without power, and by people of any age or income level” said Laura Howe, VP of Public Relations for the American Red Cross.

During Hurricane Sandy, radio broadcasters on the east coast hunkered down with sleeping bags and generators in order to serve listeners with important alerts and critical lifeline information. Ad Age reports on the necessity of radio during Hurricane Sandy http://bit.ly/SRXgm2

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Radio Continues to Win Among Media


Radio is thriving with strong ties to audiences in spite of digital competition.

Alan Burns & Associates and Triton Digital surveyed over 40,000 people about their use of radio and other media. The most listened to format was:

  • Music (74.2%)

  • News/Talk (19%)

  • Sports (12.8%)

Of those surveyed, 73.8% listened to AM/FM radio on a daily basis. Radio ranked highest for:

  • Keeping you company

  • Comforting you

  • Helping youhave a good time

  • Helping you relax

  • Energizing you

  • Improving your mood

This 100 page report gives more details on what marketers can expect with radio advertising and promotion: http://bit.ly/UxFAgO

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Radio Drives Shoppers to Retail


What medium reaches adults before they go shopping?


On average, radio reaches 31% of 25-54 year olds before the peak shopping period of 1-2pm.

Radio continues to show its strength in a recent study commissioned by Arbitron. Other study findings include radio’s placement as the second most used media platform among adults and its reach when combined with other media platforms like TV and the internet.

Read how radio continues to be a strong part of any marketing mix in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/OgO8Gc

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Radio and Total Recall


Want to reach your target audience and get better response? Plan on using internet platforms in conjunction to traditional radio.

The Radio Advertising Bureau released a new white paper on the multiplying effect of using radio with digital media which found that:

  • Ad recall improves dramatically when digital and radio are used together

  • There is increased brand preference and purchase behavior

  • Visits to brand websites are increased

While marketing dollars increasingly go toward new media, this white paper shows that adding internet radio and broadcast radio to the plan brings greater response. http://bit.ly/RdoTEn

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Atlanta Rides for Wounded Warriors


With temperatures soaring over 100 degrees, brave motorcycle enthusiasts joined in the WVFJ (the Joy-FM, Atlanta) Wounded Warriors Motorcycle Ride.

The caravan of cycles spanned two miles and raised more than $6,000 for the Wounded Warriors. The round trip covered more than 240 miles.

One of the groups attending the ride was the Moo Cow Bikers, a group inspired by Truett and Dan Cathy (Chick-fil-A). This family fun event gives riders an opportunity to share their faith and raise funding for great causes like The Wounded Warriors.

Read about what Wounded Warriors is about http://bit.ly/RMPHLy

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But She Has a Great Personality


Radio listeners have more than just a passing fancy for their favorite air personalities. A new study finds that listeners feel they have a relationship with their on-air favorite(s).

The study conducted by the Annenberg School for Communications & Journalism found:

  • 75% of respondents purposefully turn on their radio when their favorite announcer is on the air

  • 72% talk to friends about the on-air announcer and what they heard on the air

  • 70% follow their favorite personalities via social media

  • 47% of respondents considered making purchases based on on-air personality recommendations

The findings underscore the loyalty and trust that listeners have with their favorite on-air personalities. Read more about this strong connections between listeners and their favorite announcers in this Katz Media article http://bit.ly/OsDdK2

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Putting STAR Onstage


STAR 88.3/WLAB (Ft. Wayne, IN) hosted the STAR Music Stage at the annual Three Rivers Festival. This is the third year Star 88.3 has brought Christian artists to the festival.

A crowd of about 4,000 turned out to see Kutless, Jason Castro, Attaboy and other music artists on stage. Known as Ft. Wayne’s “biggest summer party since 1969” the festivities last for an entire week offering concerts, crafts, a midway and a parade. Check out the event pics posted here http://on.fb.me/MFHVhX

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