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Domain Dominance with gTLDS


There's a new domain structure beginning next month. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) begins accepting applications for generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs).

What's a gTLD? It's what follows the dot (.) in a URL. Brands will be able to "buy" gTLDs that are associated with their brand. For example, Coca-Cola can buy .coke, and Nestle can buy .nestle.

Use of gTLDs can make brands more global and secure. gTLDs are vetted and authenticated helping to prevent fraud. Find out more about gTLDs in this Ad Age article http://bit.ly/uwUokg

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Just What Are You Thinking?


Recent studies show that people explore the internet with three basic behaviors driving them:

Answer Me - people wanting direct answers for what they are searching for (top Answer Me searches are for Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty)

Inspire Me - people browsing the internet in a fun manner (top Inspire Me searches are for Travel, Home & Garden)

Educate Me - people searching for understanding on important topics (top Educate Me searches are for Health and Finance)

These mindsets are shared equally among the genders and those using an "Answer Me" type of search are generally of a higher income bracket (household incomes of $100,000 or more). This research by About.com and Latitude also reports that all three mindsets look to informative advertising for answers in their searches. Read more in this Marketing Profs article: http://bit.ly/nLYPcQ

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Converting Customers From Your Website


For a business to have an increase in its customer base, it takes more than just a website. Successful websites pay careful attention to the following areas:

  • Ease of navigating the site (where do the links take interested customers?)

  • Product or service information that would help customers make an immediate purchase

  • Easy to find contact information and website construction (is it clean and easy to read?).

MarketingProfs expands on these ways to optimize your website for current and potential consumers. http://bit.ly/nnAML9

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Radio Listeners "Like" Their Station


In spite of competitive media slashing the viewership of television and print vehicles, listenership for radio continues its consumer appeal over the past four years.

In its TechSurvey7, Jacobs Media discovered that 40% of those surveyed are Facebook friends with their favorite radio station, and 33% of survey respondents use a station's website to get additional information.

While social media avenues are a great way to reach listeners, email remains the best way to communicate. The survey revealed that 75% of respondents use email before any other type of social media in the morning. Find ways you can connect with the massive reach of radio and digital platforms in this study: http://bit.ly/iZmLua

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How Influential is Social Media?


Just how many holiday shoppers visited the top 40 internet retailers' websites because of a social media channel? Only 5% according to a recent survey.

Surveyed shoppers placed website experience as more important than price. And, it appears that online customer's have higher expectations for their online experience.

Overall customer satisfaction with online transactions dipped one point lower than last year's score. Look to find out which online retailers lead in consumer satisfaction in this clickz article http://bit.ly/fF2RcR

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Black Friday Goes Green


The numbers are in for Friday, November 26th and it's good news! Americans are opening their wallets.

Coremetrics Black Friday Report for 2010 shows an increase in online spending (up 15.9% from 2009) and an increase in the dollar amount spent (an increase of 12.1%). Department store websites are getting more attention with consumers spending an average of 17.7% more time browsing retail sites. Also noted is the increasing number of purchases made through mobile devices.

This benchmark report gives a general overlook at U.S. retail online spending for the day, and also specific areas such as jewelry, apparel and sports gear. Download the report at http://bit.ly/fRCYk8

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Experience Strikes User Confusion


Web analytics can show the traffic drop-off on a website, but that is just a partial picture. To fully understand what is happening on the website, you need User Experience (UX) information. 

FeedBlitz' online marketing blog recommends six ways to combine Web Analytics and User Experience to recognize potential problems and changes to avert them. Start with the landing page...use analytics to look at bounce rate and conversion rate, but then integrate user experience for non-conversion. Look at your site navigation, what's the top content? And from the users perspective, how to you get there? Put your website to the test with this FeedBlitz article at http://bit.ly/aleqI2

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Brands CAPTCHA Attention Online: Favorable or Unfavorable?


Think about the last time you had to type in a security code while visiting a website, perhaps to make a purchase or just to get through the security of the site.
Those funky fuzzy letters are called CAPTCHA--an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". The distorted messages require your undivided attention (and what advertiser doesn't want your undivided attention?). 

Solve Media has figured out a way to allow advertisers to take advantage of the CAPTCHA space. Instead of typing in the fuzzy funky words, users will be asked to type in a brand slogan or phrase. The question left hanging is, will consumers remember the frustration of having to type in a brand slogan on a website, or fondly remember the brand? Ad Ages reports on this new CAPTCHA quandary at http://bit.ly/be8liU

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