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Supersize Me Not


Twitter, 140 characters, is a quick easy communication tool. Consumers now use smartphones while watching TV.

Are we a nation of ADD consumers? No. We just like information in "bite-sized" portions.

We sample, we nibble around the edges on content. There's even a Sunday morning business show that hypes the "elevator pitch". These bites can engage consumers, so that they come back for seconds.

Glenn Engler thinks that snack-sized content is the way to make the consumer hungry for your product in this Marketing Prof article http://bit.ly/qRqskL

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Retweet This!


Marketers are all atwitter about Twitter....still.  Yet there's some good and some bad with the micro-blogging service.

Should it be used as a sales tool or for branding? Should it be personal or professional?

Pragmatic Design offers up ten tricks to improve your Twitter-sphere followings, from the obvious to the obscure. And, they give simple explanations to help any twitter rookie or seasoned professional. You may want to retweet this http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/6Ck11J/pragmaticdesign.co.uk/news/blog/twitter-10-top-tricks-to-increase-followers-for-free/

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The Internet: Breeding Activism or Slacktivism?


Internet users are volunteering at a greater rate than non-internet users (80% vs. 56%).

Not only do they belong to organizations, they give significantly more time and money, and take leadership roles more often. Recent events such as the revolutions in the Middle East and Africa were fed by young adults online.

A recent Pew study found that a large majority (over 80%) of social network users participate in a voluntary group. A World Vision study found that teens using social networks were more actively involved with charities. Get the full picture of users of social media outlets in this e-Marketer report http://bit.ly/hv24YE

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How-To Social Media


With so many social marketing venues available at the fingertips of any marketer, social media campaigns come and go. But, essential to any media campaign are objectives and strategy.

Without a clear picture of the desired results, can social media campaigns really benefit your company? Radio Sales Today reports on a four-phase model written by Tom Pick of KC Associates, to guide anyone into adapting a social media plan for their business.

See if your organization is on the right track with social media at http://bit.ly/dJ1j2x

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Keeping Your Fans on the Bandwagon


For brands, Facebook and Twitter are great entry points to attract consumers, keeping them engaged is the next real challenge.

Consumers are most interested in deals, but they also expect brands to help in problem solving and receive customer feedback. Equally important is what consumers are not looking for...irrelevant content and too many messages.

eMarketer reports on a recent Cone Consumer New Media Study on the reasons why fans stay and leave brand social sites. Make sure your social media campaign keeps the potential consumer with this report at http://bit.ly/gVFqNz

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Email Wins over Other Social Media


Email is still the preferred vehicle for sharing content online (especially for consumers over the age of 35). More than half of all referrals through the "Tell-a-Friend" widget used email to share content.

"But", cries the marketer, "we get more click throughs on Facebook and Twitter!" True, but the secret lies in the fact that emails sent through the "Tell-a-Friend" widget include the full message, so there is no need for the recipient to do a click through.

Email also leads to more engagement, more pages viewed and more conversions. This recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey backs up an August study conducted by Social Twist with the same results. Check out this eMarketer article for the facts http://bit.ly/9Da3Th

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twitter success models


So what can twitter do for your products?

Social media doesn't create fans, it connects fans. Craig Arthur, Director of the Wizard of Ads/Australia, observes that successful twitter campaigns begin with a highly desirable product at a low price point. Arthur notes that limited availability of the product increases buzzworthiness with twitter. 

Many businesses will have challenges sustaining any real success with twitter as a marketing vehicle if the business desires to control the message or outcome. Arthur notes, "Two entirely different things are being called social media: One is wild and organic and comes from the customer's experience. The other is calculated and comes from the business owner." Arthur delineates the difference: "Advertising is where the business owner controls the message. Social Media is where the customer controls the message." 

Source: http://www.mondaymorningmemo.com/?ShowMe=Pendulum3

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