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From the monthly archives: October 2009

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twitter success models

So what can twitter do for your products?

Social media doesn't create fans, it connects fans. Craig Arthur, Director of the Wizard of Ads/Australia, observes that successful twitter campaigns begin with a highly desirable product at a low price point. Arthur notes that limited availability of the product increases buzzworthiness with twitter. 

Many businesses will have challenges sustaining any real success with twitter as a marketing vehicle if the business desires to control the message or outcome. Arthur notes, "Two entirely different things are being called social media: One is wild and organic and comes from the customer's experience. The other is calculated and comes from the business owner." Arthur delineates the difference: "Advertising is where the business owner controls the message. Social Media is where the customer controls the message." 

Source: http://www.mondaymorningmemo.com/?ShowMe=Pendulum3

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