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From the monthly archives: November 2010

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'November 2010'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

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Keeping Your Fans on the Bandwagon

For brands, Facebook and Twitter are great entry points to attract consumers, keeping them engaged is the next real challenge.

Consumers are most interested in deals, but they also expect brands to help in problem solving and receive customer feedback. Equally important is what consumers are not looking for...irrelevant content and too many messages.

eMarketer reports on a recent Cone Consumer New Media Study on the reasons why fans stay and leave brand social sites. Make sure your social media campaign keeps the potential consumer with this report at http://bit.ly/gVFqNz

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Black Friday Goes Green

The numbers are in for Friday, November 26th and it's good news! Americans are opening their wallets.

Coremetrics Black Friday Report for 2010 shows an increase in online spending (up 15.9% from 2009) and an increase in the dollar amount spent (an increase of 12.1%). Department store websites are getting more attention with consumers spending an average of 17.7% more time browsing retail sites. Also noted is the increasing number of purchases made through mobile devices.

This benchmark report gives a general overlook at U.S. retail online spending for the day, and also specific areas such as jewelry, apparel and sports gear. Download the report at http://bit.ly/fRCYk8

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Radio Reaching More Adults Daily

Smart phones, social media and the internet may be high on many marketers' lists of how to reach potential customers. However, research shows that radio reaches more adults on a daily basis than the internet, newspapers and magazines--added together!

Taking into account the cost effectiveness of radio (compared to television, newspaper and magazines), and its reach, radio proves to be a winner for finding potential consumers.

And, many radio stations can now incorporate aspects social media into a campaign. See the results for yourself of the Nielsen analysis of a Council for Research Excellence study at http://bit.ly/gTcdQA

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Where the Babes Are

Marketers need to find more consumers for their products--that's our job. Most consider the fastest growing metro areas found in states such as California, Florida and Texas. But you might be surprised which states complete the fastest growing markets...North and South Carolina and Utah.

Even more surprising, Utah stands out as a state with a larger number of married households, families and moms giving birth. Statistics can be fun, even for the non-geeky! Ponder these interesting growth stats in this Ad Age article http://bit.ly/aT0o3K

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Being Heard or Only a Part of the Herd?

Technology provides us with so much data on potential consumers...but has technology made brands too much alike?

As brands add features, it can result in mediocrity, not uniqueness. Features should set a brand apart, not make it like all the others. This "contrarian" article from The HUB weighs in on the new marketing book Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd by marketing prof Youngme Moon.

What sets your brand apart and does it speak volumes? Find out at http://bit.ly/9WDdo3

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