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From the monthly archives: October 2011

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'October 2011'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

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Sharing With Soldiers Grows

HIS Radio (a network of radio stations covering the Carolinas and Georgia) takes each October to bless soldiers stationed overseas. Since 2006 HIS radio listeners have ministered to soldiers by giving Christmas gifts and cards to soldiers who never receive mail from home.

Now known as Stockings for Soldiers, last year, HIS Radio listeners encouraged over 300 soldiers.

Several LifeWay Christian Stores partner with HIS Radio in this undertaking, along with a Walgreens in Savannah. Listeners provide snacks, games, hard candy, bug spray, Christian CD's and other "treats" for those who serve our country so far away from home. Read more about this HIS Radio effort http://bit.ly/v8SiDr

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CCM Listeners: Smart and a Smart Buy

Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) listeners are the smartest radio listeners around according to Arbitron's Radio Today 2011 report.

More than 70% of CCM adult listeners have attended or graduated from college...and almost one third have earned a degree. Not only are CCM listeners smart and value a good education, but well over 50% earn $50,000 or more per year (over 30% earn above $75,000 per year).

CCM formatted stations share some of the longest Time Spent Listening (TSL) of radio formats, ranking fourth in adults 18-34 and 25-54. Learn more about these smart, long listening, wage earning listeners from the Radio Today 2011 report http://bit.ly/pDdCcj

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A Double Shot of Cause Marketing

Starbucks launches their latest cause marketing campaign on November 1st: "Create Jobs for USA".

Starbucks employees and consumers will be asked to make a $5 minimum donation to a non-profit fund. One-hundred percent of the funds will go to support businesses through affordable loans. Starbucks will kickoff the campaign with a $5 million donation.

Americans are concerned about economic development, but is it more than just hot steam? Read this RAB article about Starbucks cause marketing http://bit.ly/v9qQb8

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Brand-Aid: Path for Growth

What's important in building a strong brand that customers buy--today?

Marketers may find themselves in a position to agree to disagree. Recently asked about "branding" today, marketers had mixed reactions, but most did agree that inspiration and engagement are of utmost importance in brand marketing.

The Branding Forward Project questioned 623 marketing professionals about branding, covering questions regarding ROI generation, marketing priorities and things that have impacted the marketer's world.

See if you agree or disagree with the findings in this MarketingProfs article http://bit.ly/sT5c8T

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Bikers with Boxes

Charlotte, NC stations WRCM (New Life 91.9) and WMIT (106.9) partnered with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to promote Bikers with Boxes.

Bikers from around the region were invited to bring boxes for Operation Christmas Child to the Billy Graham Library. Some 850 bikers responded with over 1,000 boxes for the ministry. After dropping of their gifts, the bikers were invited to tour the Billy Graham library.

This is the fourth year for the event. WRCM also was on location for the event, where Erica of the morning show really got into the spirit of the day.
Check out the YouTube video of Bikers with Boxes http://bit.ly/nSDJBq

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Contemporary Christian Radio Hits the Road

Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) listeners are on the go.  The CCM audience is more likely to listen to their favorite CCM station away from home rather than in the home. Recent Arbitron research shows that 66% of the audience listens away from home compared to 34% at home.

In thirteen states (Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Washington) the CCM format listenership measured 50% above its national average of listeners.

Also, Arbitron notes there has been an increase of listeners aged 45-64 years old and listeners are a strongly female audience (62%). Understand more about the CCM audience in this 2011 Arbitron report from http://bit.ly/pDdCcj

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Just What Are You Thinking?

Recent studies show that people explore the internet with three basic behaviors driving them:

Answer Me - people wanting direct answers for what they are searching for (top Answer Me searches are for Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty)

Inspire Me - people browsing the internet in a fun manner (top Inspire Me searches are for Travel, Home & Garden)

Educate Me - people searching for understanding on important topics (top Educate Me searches are for Health and Finance)

These mindsets are shared equally among the genders and those using an "Answer Me" type of search are generally of a higher income bracket (household incomes of $100,000 or more). This research by About.com and Latitude also reports that all three mindsets look to informative advertising for answers in their searches. Read more in this Marketing Profs article: http://bit.ly/nLYPcQ

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Splurging is Soaring

Consumers are having a hard time being good. After the last recession, with an uncertain future economy, shoppers are indulging with the "fun stuff".

Sales are flat or dipping in areas like diapers, socks, batteries and flashlights. But for cosmetics, body scrubbers and refrigerated baked goods, sales have jumped.

Does this mean that consumer confidence is on the rise?

Not necessarily. Consumers are having problems with self-control and are tired of budgeting.

Find out more about this "new normal" in this Radio Sales Today article: http://bit.ly/pJ0xmB

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