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From the monthly archives: March 2011

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'March 2011'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

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Education vs. Religion: At Odds?

Do the well educated tend to be at odds with "religion"?

This has been a commonly held belief, but not necessarily factual. A 2008 survey conducted by Barry Kosmin reveals that the well educated are not so different from the masses in the United States.

The hypothesis of this study is that advanced education has now become so common place that the distinction of having a higher degree and social situation fades.  The slides and essay contained in this ARIS report shed light on the beliefs of educated Americans http://bit.ly/eQl6y4

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The Internet: Breeding Activism or Slacktivism?

Internet users are volunteering at a greater rate than non-internet users (80% vs. 56%).

Not only do they belong to organizations, they give significantly more time and money, and take leadership roles more often. Recent events such as the revolutions in the Middle East and Africa were fed by young adults online.

A recent Pew study found that a large majority (over 80%) of social network users participate in a voluntary group. A World Vision study found that teens using social networks were more actively involved with charities. Get the full picture of users of social media outlets in this e-Marketer report http://bit.ly/hv24YE

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Radio Provides the Goods

Downloading music does not appear to dent radio listening. In fact, the majority of music discovery occurs on radio.

Simply put, radio remains the greatest influence of music listening and is a primary resource for listeners to find new music.

Orpheus Media Research recently studied how consumers learn about new music offerings and the new technology available to discover new music.

Over 82% of those surveyed verified that radio influences their music listening. And, 57% said they most often relied on radio or word of mouth to learn about new music.  See the story at http://prn.to/eJvwQe

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Radio Listening Grows

Radio listenership is up. Radio posted an increase of 2.1 million listeners last year (2010) as compared to 2009.

On average, 241.6 million listeners tune in to conventional radio each week. Arbitron's annual study found that radio's listenership had grown almost 5% since 2005. Some of radio's appeal is based on its ability to change quickly.

Read about this Radio Renaissance in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/gK8UwE

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Social Media Surges From Business

Business continues to grow with social media, yet only about 25% of companies worldwide use of all four major social platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs are the four major platforms and 84% of companies use at least one of the social media providers.

As companies grow more comfortable with social media, they are building more than just a "presence" on these social sites.

Read this e-Marketer story to see how business social media use is growing http://bit.ly/fUTf2X

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Radio Wins the Listening Ear

Only 7% of Americans say they ignore ads they hear on the radio. By contrast, 63% of Americans block out the ads that are displayed on the internet.

The ad-disregarding group breaks down into 20% who ignore search ads and 43% who ignore banner ads.

Apparently, gender does not play into those who skip over internet advertising: 42% of men and 45% of women blocking out the advertising.

This Radio Sales Today story paints a bright picture for radio advertising: http://bit.ly/enDbKF

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How to Save a Life

God continually uses Christian stations across the nation to save lives--physically and spiritually.

During a recent pledge drive on Star 99.1 fm (WAWZ-FM / New York City, NY) a listener called to tell the staff how Star rescued her from taking her own life.

What a wonderful reminder that God uses the airwaves to save.

Listen for yourself the impact that Star had on saving this life http://bit.ly/fEfssT

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Clipping the Coupon Contradiction

Who is really using coupons? The results may be surprising.

The Media Audit's upcoming 2010 National Report shows that more affluent, highly educated consumers cash in with coupons more often than lower income, high school educated consumers.

Research found that almost half (49.9%) of U.S. consumers used a coupon in the past thirty days. Consumers earning $75,000 or more in household income reported that 53.8% used coupons, while those earning under $50,000 in household income were 7% less likely to use a coupon. Those earning less than $25,000 were 17% less likely.

College education also increased the likelihood of coupon use.

Find out who's cashing in with coupons in The Media Audit fyi story http://bit.ly/eNHYeI

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Do Consumers Support Christian Brands and Businesses?

American consumers may not be as resistant to businesses of Christian faith as originally thought. Recent research finds that consumers who would support Christian businesses outnumbered those who would shun the brand.

Most American consumers reported they were indifferent to Christian based companies. This report sourced by Barna Research Group found that consumers in the Midwest and South were more interested in supporting Christian principled business.

The demographics of those most supportive of Christian businesses were women, Boomers (ages 46 to 64), Elders (aged 65+), married adults, parents of children under 18 years, political conservatives and Republicans. Find out more about this Barna Research in this Marketing Forecast article http://bit.ly/fR84ET

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New Rules of Loyalty

Generation X and Y consumers rely more on research and online opinion than habit or sentimental considerations for a brand.

Only 3% of those in the study reported to being loyal to a particular brand. With more information available via the web, consumers find the marketplace and products provide more choice options.

Men and women engage in research before making purchases. Consumer reviews of a product influence roughly 50% of consumers.

Learn about the new loyalty of consumers in this Radio Sales Today article, http://bit.ly/ft2d6Y

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