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From the monthly archives: June 2011

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'June 2011'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

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Keep the Faith Wins Timeslot In Atlanta

Nationally syndicated program, Keep the Faith, took the leading position for its timeslot in the important Atlanta market during its weekend program time. While Keep The Faith leads timeslots in other markets, Atlanta is an unusually important geographic area for those desiring to reach Christian consumers.

Keep the Faith, hosted by Keith Stevens, Donna Cruz, Dan Wilt, Danny Chambers and Jillian Chambers, offers “Contagious Encouragement” to listeners. Rating number one with women 25-54 and number two in adults 25-54, Keep the Faith features engaging music, stories, testimonies and interviews. Keep The Faith is represented for on-air and online advertising by Advocace Media. Check out the Keep The Faith website at http://bit.ly/mygqhN.  

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Radio Continues to Grow Consumer Influence

Radio continued its long string of increasing  listenership, adding more than 1.9 million weekly listeners.

Arbitron research indicates that about 93.1% of all people 12+ are reached each week by radio. Radio increased in listeners in all age groups over the past year with adults ages 18-34 adding almost 350,000 weekly listeners in that demo alone. The number of teens tuning in also showed an increase with an average of 22.8 million weekly listeners.

See how radio reaches attractive consumer groups in this RBR report http://bit.ly/lce8Ve

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Gen Y, Gen Why and Gen How

With over 60 million Generation Y'ers (age 30 and under)--and the different media consumption patterns they demonstrate--marketers can have a tough time getting new prospective customers.

Comprised of the first full generation to grow up with computers, this group is organically tech-savvy.

How do you reach consumers of the Y generation?

Charlie Horsey, president/CEO of MKTG gives strategic rules for connecting with this generation in this Ad Age article http://bit.ly/moZds0

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Got A Question, Quora Represents

Quora, the personalized knowledge database, provides answers to questions from those who use it. It may well be the next trend in social media.

Niel Robertson, CEO and founder of Trada, contends that Quora should be a part of your marketing mix. In this Marketing Prof article “Five Reasons Why Quora Matters to Marketers” Robertson outlines why Quora is more authentic and trustworthy. It’s about personalization, reputation and counter-point. See if you agree with his views http://bit.ly/kbv80Y

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Encouraging Joplin

SHINE.FM / Chicagoland recognized the need of tornado victims in the Joplin area and called on their listeners for help.

The recent tornado in Joplin left residents with nothing but splinters where homes once stood. Seeing that other organizations were meeting the needs of Joplin residents with food and water, SHINE sought to meet other necessities like clothing and toiletries. SHINE asked listeners to bring $10 gift cards from retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and gas stations to drop-off locations in their listening area.

See more about SHINE.FM / Chicagoland at http://bit.ly/kmigTd

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On-Air Consumers Beat Online Consumers

The numbers are in for March 2011 and Radio wins! In the USA, people 12+, will use on the air Radio in a week than will use the Internet in a month.

Here are the numbers: 74.4% of people 12+ (193,143,000 persons) are reached by radio compared to the total internet unique viewers (home, work, university locations) of 174,315,000 persons.

What does this mean?

Simply put: Radio reaches more people than Facebook, Twitter, Google, AOL, Yahoo, and Hulu combined.

Thanks to our friends at KATZ Radio for providing this research. The Arbitron RADAR 108 numbers can be found at http://bit.ly/kS6mki

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