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From the monthly archives: September 2011

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'September 2011'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

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Sprit FM Attracts Extraordinary Women

Spirit FM, Lynchburg VA's contemporary Christian Music radio station, is bringing women closer to the heart of God with the Extraordinary Women's Conference (eWomen).

Spirit FM began broadcasting announcements for eWomen's October conference in early March--and the 6,000 seat event was sold out before March 31st!  The eWomen Conference tickets are in such high demand that an overflow venue at a local church is being offered.

Spirit FM has championed the eWomen's conference for the past ten years. Find other great events that Spirit FM supports at http://bit.ly/o3DO6y

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Even More Consumers Come to CCM Radio

Contemporary Christian Music radio is attracting even more consumers than before. Over 18 million consumers nationwide were tuned in to over 770 CCM formatted stations.

Radio Today 2011 by Arbitron reports this is the third year in a row that the CCM format has increased in audience, growing in every daypart. Women continue to account for the largest part of listening audience (62%).

The 2011 report also notes that CCM is the broadest based format appealing to audiences of every age from 12 to 64 years old. And, 62% of the audience is between the ages of 25 and 54.

Find out more about the loyal CCM listeners in this Radio Today 2011 Report http://bit.ly/rr3HAr

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Social Media: Like, But Not Recommended

How do consumers get recommendations on products and services? Gallup released a recent poll and the answers may surprise you...it's not social media.

Company-sponsored Facebook pages or Twitter feeds registered at only 1% as a top source for recommendations. Gallup goes on to suggest that marketers will achieve better success with their social media efforts if they focus their attention on existing brand-loyal consumers.
Read this Adology report on where consumers get recommendations http://bit.ly/r9tQpl

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The $100,000 Millionaire?

Affluents: The definition has changed in the past 35 years. In 1977 Affluents were defined as households with annual income of $40,000 or more. Today, an Affluent is a household with annual income of $100,000 or more.

America is home to more Affluent households today (24%) than in 1977 (2-3%). Ipsos Mendeohn released their annual survey on Affluent Americans, finding that technology increasingly has a place in affluent homes, but not at the expense of other media usage.

Steve Kraus dissected the information further to find differences between Millennials (18-29 years old), Gen Xers (30-44 years old) and Boomers (45-65 years old) and the use of their incomes. What interests the generation you are trying to reach? Find out in this Radio Advertising Bureau article http://bit.ly/oCdFI3

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The Joy of Giving

In spite of a difficult economic environment, listeners to JOY-FM (Florida) are giving thousands of shoes to Hondurans through their fourth campaign for Buckner International's Shoes for Orphan Souls.

Last year, listeners provided shoes for Guatemala. This year's campaign focuses on shoes for the Honduras. The final count for this year's campaign is 8,707 pairs of shoes.

A team made up of staff from Buckner and The Joy FM left Sunday, September 11th to personally deliver the shoes.

Get updates on their trip from Carmen's blog at http://bit.ly/p2miTM

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Maximum Exposure

Radio reaches 76% of persons 12 and older each week during morning drive time. RADAR 109 charted the percentages of persons 12+ by age, gender and day-part.

Over eighty percent of females and males 25-54 and 35-64 are reached each week by radio. More surprisingly, the percentages go up with mid-day and evening drive times.

Despite the increased usage of the internet for music listening, radio remains strong among those 18-34 with averages over 80% among men and women. The overnight hours, Midnight to 6am, have the smallest audiences over all age groups.

See who else radio can reach for you in this Radio Marketing Guide Chart t.ly/o61dTL">http://bit.ly/o61dTL

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Mail Superhero

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a new hero that might just help them get out of their budget woes. That cape wearing super hero is direct mail.

Outside sources cite that mail currently captures 12% of media advertising money. The USPS offers a new service called "Every Door Direct Mail" that allows marketers to send out mailings without specific names or addresses. With this new program, marketers can target specific geographic areas at a cost of 14.2 cents for each mail piece.

Could direct mail be your new hero? Find out in this Advertising Age article http://bit.ly/qNA7qN

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Supersize Me Not

Twitter, 140 characters, is a quick easy communication tool. Consumers now use smartphones while watching TV.

Are we a nation of ADD consumers? No. We just like information in "bite-sized" portions.

We sample, we nibble around the edges on content. There's even a Sunday morning business show that hypes the "elevator pitch". These bites can engage consumers, so that they come back for seconds.

Glenn Engler thinks that snack-sized content is the way to make the consumer hungry for your product in this Marketing Prof article http://bit.ly/qRqskL

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