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From the monthly archives: October 2012

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'October 2012'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

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Radio Continues to Win Among Media

Radio is thriving with strong ties to audiences in spite of digital competition.

Alan Burns & Associates and Triton Digital surveyed over 40,000 people about their use of radio and other media. The most listened to format was:

  • Music (74.2%)

  • News/Talk (19%)

  • Sports (12.8%)

Of those surveyed, 73.8% listened to AM/FM radio on a daily basis. Radio ranked highest for:

  • Keeping you company

  • Comforting you

  • Helping youhave a good time

  • Helping you relax

  • Energizing you

  • Improving your mood

This 100 page report gives more details on what marketers can expect with radio advertising and promotion: http://bit.ly/UxFAgO

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Online Giving Continues to Grow

Online fundraising is an integral part of any successful non-profit development plan. The trend for online giving is growing, too.

Consider these four reasons why you should expect online giving to grow:

  1. Online giving is increasing each and every year

  1. Online donors are younger and their average gift is about $100--a tough demographic for most non-profits to attract

  1. Small non-profits tend to do better with online fundraising

  1. As more giving shifts to online, a broad online strategy will continue to direct more donors to your 'donate now' button

The Non-Profit Times reports on why you should expect online giving to continue strong for non-profits: http://bit.ly/TQBTxD

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Moms Leading Social With Mobile

Moms use mobile social media more than any other group. Comparing her to the general public, mom (with at least one child under 18) is more likely to use mobile apps for the internet, banking and shopping.

Moms are now on target to be the first group that uses the mobile phone or tablet more often than the computer to access social sites.

The number of moms that own a smartphone has increased to 61%. The moms surveyed by Arbitron and Edison reported visits to social sites many times throughout the day, but not for long periods of time.

Marketers may need to rethink their strategies for reaching the fast paced mobile moms of today. Take a quick read of this e-Marketer article http://bit.ly/OZt0o8

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Religious Affiliation Diminishes

In the past five years, the percentage of American adults that claim no religious affiliation has grown from 15% to just fewer than 20%--an unprecedented decline in religious institutional commitment.

One-third of all adults under the age of 30 now consider themselves religiously unaffiliated, the largest percentage in the history of Pew Research polling.

Despite their un-affiliation, over 68% say they believe in God and more than a third classify themselves as spiritual, but not religious.

This growing group of “nones” is largely made up of white Protestants. Though American ranks as the most “religious” country, changes are on the horizon. Read this Pew Research report to see the other trends in Americans’ beliefs http://bit.ly/QSnHDq

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Radio Drives Shoppers to Retail

What medium reaches adults before they go shopping?


On average, radio reaches 31% of 25-54 year olds before the peak shopping period of 1-2pm.

Radio continues to show its strength in a recent study commissioned by Arbitron. Other study findings include radio’s placement as the second most used media platform among adults and its reach when combined with other media platforms like TV and the internet.

Read how radio continues to be a strong part of any marketing mix in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/OgO8Gc

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Grandparents Provide More Than Hugs

Grandparents are increasingly providing financial support and babysitting to their grandkids.

New studies find over half of grandparents are providing over 50 hours of child care per year to their grandchildren, and on average give financial support in excess of $8,000.

The better-educated grandparents show a higher likelihood of providing support. Marketers may want to rethink who they target for children’s advertising.

Read this USA Today article to get the facts http://bit.ly/SGD0mD

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Americans Visit Church On the Web

Almost one-quarter of Americans visited the website of a place of worship within the past six months--and it’s not necessarily their own church’s website.

Survey respondents were separated into three groups: those regularly attending church, those who attend another church and those who do not regularly attend any service. Grey Matter Research and Consulting found the most common reason people seek out a church website was to check worship times or other activity times.

The church’s religious beliefs, prayer requests and downloading a podcast were other reasons for web visits. The Non-Profit Times reports on why worshippers are on the web http://bit.ly/UwQep3

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Men Spend The Money In Mobile

Men are buying more with their mobile devices than women. Specifically, digital content is just one area where men outspend women using mobile.

Other areas where men use their purchasing power include electronics and movie/event tickets.

Women do have one area where they outspend men with mobile purchases…health and beauty items. Women are still king (or queen) with using mobile for coupons.

Read how gender influences mobile purchases in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/VBxiVC

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