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From the monthly archives: May 2012

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'May 2012'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

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Still, Moms Choose Traditional Media

Almost nine out of ten (86%) of moms listened to AM/FM radio last week. Recent research shows that while moms embrace social media, especially with smart phones, they continue to use traditional forms of media like radio.

Moms like to multitask and radio helps them accomplish that. Almost half (45%) of moms listen to radio while at work, and 66% of those tune in on a regular basis. Radio also reaches moms during critical times of the day (like prior to shopping).

Get the facts about today’s mom from this Arbitron and Edison Research study slideshow http://bit.ly/J6snGt

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Train Up a Child In the Way They Should Phone

Moms are sharing their smartphones and other technologies with their kids, some as young as one year old.

Moms use gadgets such as smartphones to keep their kids quiet and engaged. During car travel, DVD players and Nintendo DS have highest use, followed by smartphones. Moms now load up their phones with games and music selections specifically for their kids.

Marketers should keep in mind that moms don’t mind their kids dabbling in digital technology, but keeping the kids safe while engaged is still mom’s number one priority. eMarketer reports on this new babysitter http://bit.ly/L3iwfW

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Boomers: Caught In the Middle with Two

Boomers' uncertainty about their own financial futures continues to impact decision making. As they help pay the bills of their adult children and their aging parents, boomers are allocating discretionary income in different ways than just a few years ago.

Fewer boomers are saving for their retirement (19% fewer than in 2007). The study entitled “Money Across Generations” found that current economic times are tough on all generations. Over half of boomers are helping their aging parents in some way, and over half are providing financial assistance to their adult children.

Read more in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/KqbvLb

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Social Media Doesn't Yet Measure Up

Measuring the return on investment of a social campaign cannot always be done through traditional means such as click through rates.

Olivier Blanchard, author of Social Media ROI notes “There’s no way to actually calculate the relationship between a dollar investment in a particular activity and the number of likes”.

Media-equivalency equations don’t give a true measure of social media value. There are other areas to consider such as purchase-decisions influence, recommendations and building trust.

Read this Ad Age article to see what marketers should consider when dealing with social media success http://bit.ly/IT05fM

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Horsing Around With Radio

The Gospel Station Network (southern Oklahoma) not only broadcasts the gospel from their radio stations, but engages youth with their rodeo camp 3 Crosses Camp.

Each summer the network brings youth oriented activities to the area like the PRCA rodeo in June, barrel racing and day camps.

Every Monday night The Gospel Station Network hosts Cowboy Church and bull riding at the Ken Lance Arena in Ada, OK.

Check out all the ministries The Gospel Station Network brings to Southern Oklahoma http://bit.ly/ID7DXP

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Radio Networks Reach over 70% of US

Radio is a powerful tool for reaching adults. Arbitron’s RADAR (Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research) Network Ratings reports that network radio reaches over 70% of US residents that are 12 years old or older.

Approximately 71% (185 million people ages 12+) heard at least one network radio commercial during an average week.

Arbitron breaks down the audience demographics of those listening to network radio by age. See the results here: http://bit.ly/KEX5Xu

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Fundraising: The Personal Touch

What can a small non-profit do to raise big funds?

This was part of a panel discussion at a recent Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation meeting. Suggestions included using hand-written correspondence.

A personal touch that can make donors feel engaged. The panel shared stories of two agencies that saw increased giving as a result of hand-written appeals.

Other tips include gang printing (printing two direct mail pieces at a time rather than separately) and use of online donation strategies.

The Non-Profit Times reports on this panel discussion http://bit.ly/Inlelb

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