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From the monthly archives: June 2012

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'June 2012'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

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WAY-FM Brings More Heart

WAY-FM recently added 14 of its audio programming streams to Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio platform. Broadcasts from thirteen WAY stations in markets like Louisville and Nashville, along with a WAY national stream will be featured.

iHeartRadio is an online and mobile service with a broadcast app for mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android.

RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) reported on the addition http://bit.ly/KKsVT6.

While WAY has been expanding their reach nationally, their morning show host Wally tried his own means for notoriety by crashing an Inpop Records celebration of the NewsBoys number one single "God's Not Dead". See what all the roar is about http://bit.ly/LoY21R

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Direct Mail Attracts Dollars

Even though response rates to direct mail have fallen the past few years, it still brings a better response than digital media.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released its 2012 Response Rate Report comparing direct mail with online display ads and email appeals.

However, the highest response rate came from telephone marketing, but it also had the highest cost per lead at $78.

Find out what avenues are the most cost effective in this Radio Sales Today article http://bit.ly/KKshFr

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Charitable Giving Marks Slow Growth

Charitable giving grew only 0.9% last year. At this rate, it is estimated that it will be a decade until giving matches that of 2007.

Relief charities were the only organizations that saw significant increases, followed by environmental causes.

Due to the decline in membership numbers, American churches, synagogues and mosques saw a 5% drop in donations.

Giving USA released their study on the $298.4 billion that charities received in 2011. Read their observations in this Chronicle of Philanthropy article http://bit.ly/KKqsZ3

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Moms Make Media Social

Moms, more than the general population, gravitate to social media (80% vs. 55%). Moms, in this instance, are defined as any female over age 18, with a child 18 years old or younger in the home.

Why does social media have such pull with this group? Because moms, especially first-timers, must access and learn a lot of information quickly, and the internet meets that need. Moms then make purchases based on product reviews and their friend’s opinions.

Find out what types of social media marketers must employ to reach the moms of America in this eMarketer report http://bit.ly/MmLVHX

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Digital: Radio Without Limits

Radio is no longer limited to where you can find a receiver. Online radio is posting great growth. In 2011, 34% of Americans listened to online radio, and the estimate for 2012 is even greater at 39%--that's about 103 million Americans.

The average self-reported weekly time spent listening to online radio was over nine hours in 2011, and the estimate for 2012 will be closer to ten hours.

Arbitron and Edison Research have compiled The Infinite Dial 2012, Navigating Digital Platforms. See how radio plays well with others especially the internet and smartphones in this report http://bit.ly/MCVNbg

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Local Marketing Wins Greater ROI

National marketing may cut a high profile, but local market gets greater results. A majority (88%) of national brands allocate some budget to local markets. However, these brands expect a greater return on investment (ROI) on local dollars than national dollars.

Over half (63%) expected a 1.5 to 3 times return on their local advertising investment. Local marketing automation provider Balihoo studied what national brands are expecting from local market investments.

Read the great expectations in this eMarketer article http://bit.ly/LmVKCB

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The Digital Natives Are Restless

Digital Natives (those who grew up with mobile technology) switch media platforms every other minute (about 27 times per hour). Because of their use of multiple media platforms, they have less emotional engagement than Digital Immigrants (those introduced to mobile technology in their adult lives).

Digital Natives prefer texting people rather than talking with them (54%), whereas only 28% of Digital Immigrants prefer texting. Digital Natives take their mobile devises throughout the house with them (65%) and are rarely far from their smartphones.

Read more about the differences between the Digital Natives and Immigrants in this Time Inc. study http://bit.ly/L7rD3Q

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Polar Heat: Political Divisions Increase

Polarization is stronger than ever. American values and beliefs have polarized more than ever along political party lines in the past twenty-five years.

The value/belief gap between Democrats and Republicans is stronger than when first studied in 1987. The largest divide between political party supporters occurs over the scope and role of government. Pew Research Center has updated their survey 14 times since their initial project in 1987.

Covering attitudes on the government’s role and performance, the environment, business, labor, equal opportunity and other dimensions, this report gives a snapshot of the basic beliefs of Democrats, Republicans and Independent swing voters in the polarized climate. http://bit.ly/MITjZH

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Marketing That Hits the Mark...and Martha, too

Social Media, once thought to be only a flash in the pan, continues to play a significant role in marketing, but CMOs find that getting more "fans" does not necessarily mean engaged customers.

Simon Mainwaring, founder of We First, a social branding consulting group, contends that brands must change gears to celebrate the consumer, not the brand's products. Mainwaring gives the following strategy for engaging consumers:

  1. Define Your Brand's Core Values
  2. Get Buy-in from Your Corporate Leadership
  3. Employees also Resonate your Values
  4. Celebrate Your Customers
  5. Engage Consumers through Customer Service
Read the details on how to change your views of engagement through Social Media in this Ad Age article http://bit.ly/ijEvx4

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Motivating Moms and Moving Merchandise

Capturing the mom-market, often referred to as the buying power of America, remains extremely important to product and service providers. The easiest way to get your brand preferred by moms is to offer some type of incentive like a coupon or discount.

lucid marketing reports that 66% of moms would be more likely to prefer a brand to others if offered an incentive. Moms are more apt than the general population to cash in on coupons, deals or product samples. E-Marketer reports on how incentives can drive the mom-population to your products http://bit.ly/luBoyS

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