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From the monthly archives: March 2013

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The Bible in America

The Bible still holds a prominent place in America.  The American Bible Society partnered with the Barna Group to find out just how Americans think/feel about the Bible.  Nearly 90% of Americans own at least one Bible, and 80% of those questioned, say the Bible is sacred.  When asked about the Bible and its importance in society, 77% of  surveyers believe that American values and morals are in decline, and 32% believe that a lack of Bible reading is directly associated to this decline. 

Mosaics (ages 18-28) have a keen interest in The Bible in the following areas:  illness, death, dating an drelationsihps and parenting.  Mosaics have a higher interest that the normal percentages of the general population.

Barna Group reports on their findings about Americans and the Bible in this report http://www.barna.org/culture-articles/609-what-do-americans-really-think-about-the-bible

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