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Are You A Leader With Courage?


We live in an economy of fear and uncertainty. An economy that tempts us to be afraid as well; an economy that taunts us when we think about generating excitement and slows us from starting a capital campaign. I want to remind you to be strong and courageous. Remember that we serve a God that is not bound by our economy and a Savior who is never unsure about our future. Take heart, and do not give up! I know that it is challenging right now, but often where there is fear, there is also great opportunity. Courage Like David Consider how David’s leadership was established through his courage, during a time of great uncertainty and fear. Again the Philistine said, “I defy the ranks of Israel this day; give me a man that we may fight together.” When Saul and all Israel heard these words of the Philistine, they were dismayed and greatly afraid. I Samuel 17:10-11 And notice the effect his courage had on others to act courageously: When the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, they fled. And the ...

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Building Results without a Capital Campaign


Do you have projects to accomplish, but are not quite ready to launch a capital campaign? Capital campaigns can be both overwhelming and sometimes unnecessary. Thinking outside of the box can give you a boost and bring some real fun and excitement back to your team and your donors. “Advocace is helping us move forward with a major gift program, along with keeping our annual fund growing,” says Bill Sammons General Manager at WKNZ-88.7 The Bridge. Where do you start? Make a project list, or better yet, a “wish list.” Don’t be shy—put everything on it, items that are $10 or $10 million dollars. Think little and big. What things would be beneficial to your project? Maybe you need maintenance items, new transmitters, or capital improvement. This list becomes your tool to begin exploring funding interest. So, don’t leave anything off the list, no matter how unrealistic you it seems to you. Still need help? Try asking yourself and your team what projects or items are in your strategic plan. Consider things like ...

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Is Your Organization Ready for a Capital Campaign?


Answering this question honestly is the first step to pre-campaign preparation. I have worked with many organizations that have identified the need and then have jumped straight into the campaign. While I am encouraged by their eagerness and hard work, I would much rather see them get a strong rate of return on their efforts, even if it takes them a bit longer to get started. So, before we start any campaign, I always make sure we are able to answer seven questions. If we are not able to, we are simply not ready to run the campaign. Use this list of questions to make sure that you are equipped and prepared for your next capital campaign: 1. Is there enthusiastic agreement among the board of directors and the staff concerning the worthiness of the cause? 2. Are the board and staff willing to make personal sacrifices for the campaign, including both time and money? 3. Is your ministry well regarded and highly respected in the community and your “mission” seen as important and relevant? 4. Do you have ...

  1. Re: What is Your Purpose?

    Putting the passion back into in our ministries! Great message, Randy! Paul summed up our participation...

    -- Will Stevens

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by Randy Bronkema
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About Randy

I've spent most of my life helping non-profit organizations pursue their vision. My passion is to help non-profits reach their communities and grow discipleship through development.

My work with Christian universities, Christian academies, missions groups, radio stations and local churches really gets me going. Underneath all the work is a real desire to see leaders grab hold of the opportunity God has given them.

Whether major gift development, annual fund plans or donor strategy, I rely on many of the business disciplines from the corporate workplace at JC Penney and Amway Corporation.

I enjoy working with young men to become strong leaders in their families, workplaces and churches. I started The Timothy Project a few years ago to work with men in my local community.

You can find out more about how I help non-profit organizations and how to contact me here.

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