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Is Your Organization Ready for a Capital Campaign?


Answering this question honestly is the first step to pre-campaign preparation. I have worked with many organizations that have identified the need and then have jumped straight into the campaign. While I am encouraged by their eagerness and hard work, I would much rather see them get a strong rate of return on their efforts, even if it takes them a bit longer to get started. So, before we start any campaign, I always make sure we are able to answer seven questions. If we are not able to, we are simply not ready to run the campaign. Use this list of questions to make sure that you are equipped and prepared for your next capital campaign: 1. Is there enthusiastic agreement among the board of directors and the staff concerning the worthiness of the cause? 2. Are the board and staff willing to make personal sacrifices for the campaign, including both time and money? 3. Is your ministry well regarded and highly respected in the community and your “mission” seen as important and relevant? 4. Do you have ...

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Speak Life!


TobyMac has a new song out called “Speak Life” that has inspired me; so much in fact that I have a story I would like to share with you: A few years ago I had a boss who called me to tell me that I was the main reason his organization was not achieving its goals. “Wow.” I am sure you can imagine the pain of that moment! My mind spun, “Really, was it all me?” Once I caught my breath, prayed and had time to analyze the situation I realized indeed, it was not all me. However, the pain of that conversation and the attitude of that comment still linger with me to this day. I know personally the power that words hold; power to inspire or power to destroy. There are so many organizations hurting out there because there are so many hurting people. People you know - employees, donors, friends, maybe even yourself - we are hurting, and where do we have to go? Are our churches listening? Are you listening? The next logical question then must be: What are we doing about it? How do w ...

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Be Prepared on the Right Side of the Campaign


With a little thought and preparedness on this side of a campaign, organizations can be ready for success. With only partial preparedness, things will be harder than they need to be and results can be crippling. I do not believe I am overstating the importance that feasibility studies need to be used for both their external revelations and their internal insight.  External data will give your organization important information about the readiness of the community toward your campaign and it should be used to determine next steps. However, if the study only looks at your nonprofit's external capacity to support a campaign, you are starting with problems. It is equally important to look internally to measure campaign preparedness. Every campaign, in its drawing phase, needs to be able to answer these questions: Is the board ready for the campaign? Are the executive and/or fundraising departments prepared? Your organization is in for a hammering if you only go only on the word of the community. An inter ...

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Overcoming Call Reluctance


In order to overcome call reluctance, I have found it best to have a plan. These five steps are the same ones that I use to help me stay calm, focused and boost my confidence. Solicitation calls can be intimidating, but because these calls are so important to our organizations, it is worth learning how to master these calls and make them productive and purposeful. #1 Research: Always begin by doing your homework. Gather information through media and research sources. Talk to board members, donors, staff, and volunteers. Know as much as you can because this information is going to help you gather insight about your prospect. Don’t forget to document this information in your computer – tracking your prospects is crucial, it will help you feel more in control and make you better at what you do. #2 Relationship: If you have been following me for any length of time, this one should not surprise you! Remember that we are trying to get to know our donors on a personal level so use the conversation to g ...

  1. Re: What is Your Purpose?

    Putting the passion back into in our ministries! Great message, Randy! Paul summed up our participation...

    -- Will Stevens

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My work with Christian universities, Christian academies, missions groups, radio stations and local churches really gets me going. Underneath all the work is a real desire to see leaders grab hold of the opportunity God has given them.

Whether major gift development, annual fund plans or donor strategy, I rely on many of the business disciplines from the corporate workplace at JC Penney and Amway Corporation.

I enjoy working with young men to become strong leaders in their families, workplaces and churches. I started The Timothy Project a few years ago to work with men in my local community.

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