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Building Inspired People


Mentoring is close to my heart. One conviction of mine holds us, as leaders, responsible for helping people realize their unique, God-given mission. Because of that conviction, I want to share some ideas I have about mentoring because I see things happening in our organizations that stifle progress and effectiveness. Consider the different roles that mentoring could have in your organization. Recognition In my travels to different ministries I see people who are tired and overworked. I see those same issues with your major donors. Have you taken the time to recognize those around you for their work and talent? Recognition powerfully reinforces talents and gifts in individuals and strengthens them to persevere and excel. When people work in areas that focus on their strengths, they become excited about their work, rather than burnt out. Everyone likes recognition, even me! It is such an important and simple way to energize your team. Encouragement Leaders make us believe that we can achieve something t ...

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Leadership Is About Servanthood


Leadership includes so many components. When done with purpose, servanthood can work as a catalyst for change and growth inside of each organization. I recently heard a story about one of my heroes, Tony Dungy, former coach for the Indianapolis Colts. A chaplain who had been invited to lead a pregame chapel service relayed this story. Tony Knows His Players. The chaplain had decided to arrive early. He walked into the chapel and saw the coach moving around the room, setting up the chairs for the service. He immediately offered to help Tony get things ready. But, the response was different than he expected because Tony refused the help. “No thanks,” he said, “I like to do this by myself. I know where each man sits. I know what each one is going through and how each one is hurting. I pray over each man’s chair as I set it up.” I am sure the chaplain was moved by the picture of a head coach setting up chairs for his men in order to truly serve them in the most important ways. I know that I was moved. Th ...

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Building Results without a Capital Campaign


Do you have projects to accomplish, but are not quite ready to launch a capital campaign? Capital campaigns can be both overwhelming and sometimes unnecessary. Thinking outside of the box can give you a boost and bring some real fun and excitement back to your team and your donors. “Advocace is helping us move forward with a major gift program, along with keeping our annual fund growing,” says Bill Sammons General Manager at WKNZ-88.7 The Bridge. Where do you start? Make a project list, or better yet, a “wish list.” Don’t be shy—put everything on it, items that are $10 or $10 million dollars. Think little and big. What things would be beneficial to your project? Maybe you need maintenance items, new transmitters, or capital improvement. This list becomes your tool to begin exploring funding interest. So, don’t leave anything off the list, no matter how unrealistic you it seems to you. Still need help? Try asking yourself and your team what projects or items are in your strategic plan. Consider things like ...

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You Can Change Your Work Culture


1980: Managers needed to keep things consistent or the same 1990: Individual leaders needed because everything is changing 2000: Team leaders needed because leadership is multi-faceted The saying goes, “the only thing that stays that same is that everything changes.” And it is so true! Our role as leaders has consistently morphed to meet our changing culture. No one can deny that in order to succeed, you must be willing to change. And, as you change, you will find that you have the power to impact the culture around you. One of our clients, Brian Yeager, President of Barefoot Media Ministries, 89.5 KTSY and 88.1 The Bridge, said, “One of the hardest things you can do is lead your organization through change. But to not change is to ensure that you and your organization will fade away into irrelevance. To lead chang ...

  1. Re: What is Your Purpose?

    Putting the passion back into in our ministries! Great message, Randy! Paul summed up our participation...

    -- Will Stevens

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I've spent most of my life helping non-profit organizations pursue their vision. My passion is to help non-profits reach their communities and grow discipleship through development.

My work with Christian universities, Christian academies, missions groups, radio stations and local churches really gets me going. Underneath all the work is a real desire to see leaders grab hold of the opportunity God has given them.

Whether major gift development, annual fund plans or donor strategy, I rely on many of the business disciplines from the corporate workplace at JC Penney and Amway Corporation.

I enjoy working with young men to become strong leaders in their families, workplaces and churches. I started The Timothy Project a few years ago to work with men in my local community.

You can find out more about how I help non-profit organizations and how to contact me here.

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